Which soccer team do you support?

My new favorite team is Saudi Arabia. Please don’t mind the luxury exotic vehicles with arabic license plates I may post in trophy garage.

JK, really fun game to watch. Although I don’t think all those offsides were really offside.


It’s all controlled by machines in the new world.

Why is she kicking Lionel Richie?

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Team Melli!!

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Just saw this. How much went to fifa so qatar could get this money loser? No chance they break even on what they spent. I’m also skeptical on these numbers considering what they pay Bangladeshi workers to build for them.

Looking forward to 4 years from now. I think the cup in America will boost popularity much more here.

They could have partnered with other middle-eastern countries to host this WC…

They built 8 stadiums in one city for this. Which is insane, but OK.

Assuming 300% graft that’s what $20B. Where the hell did the other $200B go?

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stadium with cooling system, new accommodations including hotels, Doha Metro, grass import from US :slight_smile:

And they can’t even sell $25 beers to help offset the cost. :joy:

Or £80 a beer….

wait until you see the grift that the 26 world cup will have, especially given that they will be using all existing NFL/CFL stadiums…


When events like the WC or Olympics are in The US (and Canada) there’s nothing to be built though. The stadiums exist, the airports exist, the roads exist, subways exist. Graft opportunities are minimal.

Mostly infrastructure in Doha and all over the country itself allegedly - and a wee bit of good 'ol corruption. Just don’t talk to any Qataris about it.

Gotta remember, Qatar had to go through a complete GCC economic trade fiasco just a few years ago and built lots of infrastructure ground up for this event. A single airport to handle everyone coming in, sufficient air capacity, and accommodation for all the fans in a country that has 1/3 of a million citizens.

They pseudo have in a sense - QA is flying in 777s full of people from Dubai (probably one of the places with the freaking capacity).

They’ve resorted to tents and renting cruise ships to accommodate these people, and offering cheap tickets from Dubai to Qatar RT from $250 USD Including ground transportation to the stadiums.

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I actually like that the World Cup is in the Middle East they have the strict laws and rules and most people will hate this but no alcohol its sad to see people need alcohol just to enjoy football and its also against their religion people have to respect other people belief it’s basically the west that is complaining but people have to understand your not in America where you could do what you want. I think its unsafe to hold the World Cup in America since America laws are not as strict.

2026 is spread across 3 countries; Mexico, USA and Canada.

Nothing of what you just said made any sense. The World Cup found its way to the Middle East through corruption and bribery. Thousands of people died constructing air conditioned stadiums so players could avoid the heat that killed imported slave labor. Like it or not sports in all of the world is based around consumption of alcohol, and you’re inviting the world to your country.
Aside from the soccer the rest of this world cup is and absolute joke. I loved the imported fans to make the world assume Qatar gives a $hit about soccer lol.


No to mention wealthy Arabs drink drug and womanize all over the world with the best of them. Laws are for the plebes…

And they do have places you can drink at the World Cup. You’ll just have to pay a ton to get into them.

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This is not true…You’re seeing a lot of brown people from Indian sub-continent who either works there or travelled to Qatar to support different teams and assuming they are imported fans…

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Exactly…if you bought (or more likely, had connections) hospitality/vip tickets, then alcohol was flowing in the stadiums. Like in England, you couldn’t bring it to your seats which explains the vast sections of empty seats around halftime.

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English invented soccer (football) so heavy drinking is a part of it…


Me too. I once watched Del Piero play in 2011/2012 at the Juve stadium. It was his last season for the Old Lady. I joined their victory parade too.