Wheel & Tire Hackr

here you go, guys. lots of beemers and volvos use these and they’re half off.


$70 Mail in Rebate if you buy 4, jeez.


Cause they’re a garbage tire, ask me how I know.

At this price, they’re for returning a lease and not getting charged for new tires. Stock tires are almost always trash.


Those are not bmw OE, never seen one on any BMW

The P7 cinturato pirelli is a common all season tire on bmw

The Pzero summer RFT (not in the link you showed) is a pretty good tire, modified for M8

I just bought Michelin Premier LTX 235/65-18 for $118 each on special from Tirerack.com (price includes road hazard protection and shipping). Normally $200+


BMW X3-sized RFT for ~$350 for set of 4 @ Tirerack



Damn, that’s some good pricing. Rarely see the runflats or the LTX for <$200 plus install. Personally I prefer Costco but have also found some good deals at America’s Tire. Avoid chains like Big O and Wheel Works like the plague.

In years past I’ve had some luck calling the main Mavis number to match the TR price (or best online price from another chain) and sometimes throw in something like mounting

This time I didn’t want to risk the $118 Michelins special going away just in case it was a mistake so I quickly pulled the trigger on them.

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I’d go beyond and say it’s a good idea to replace before winter if you’re close to or approaching 4/32” tread remaining.

  1. Even if you replace an OE-spec mediocre tire with another equivalent mediocre tire, 10/32 traction is better than 4/32 in the rain and especially in the snow (tests have proved this)

  2. If you get a slightly better tire that’s 2 different facets of improved traction (more tread as mentioned above plus the better compound).


Anyone have a good source for some Run Flats? I have BMW X3 that I’m turning in in January. Definitely needs new tires now. Size is 245/45/R19 Run flat. I can’t find much for this size. Just need a name brand and cheap. so I can turn in the car. Haven’t had much luck on used either.

20" X3/X4 m40i RFT

Made it 800 miles before popping a run flat!

$280 all-in for a new Bridgestone A/S rflt at the (gasp) dealer. Worth it when you factor in the 75 mile tow from our place in the middle of a state forest preserve and BMW roadside covering my Uber to the dealer when the car was ready.


how? i have put 7000 miles on potenza summers driving in nyc and nothing…

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I’m not sure, was fine when I parked for the night and woke up at zero psi. It’s possible I hit some debris when visiting our construction site, or maybe just a fluke unpaved country road. Damage was a pretty significant gash inside wall.

On a positive note: BMW roadside assistance is absolutely amazing.

Hi, I’m in NY, leased from a NJ dealer, 2018 330i GT through BMW Financial Services. I need to replace my tires but i still have 10 months to go until lease end so figured I should probably get a new set instead of risking a used set going bald on me in the next 10 months too… I’ve called everyone and cannot get a straight answer as to what will be acceptable replacements to pass inspection/turn-in.

On the car, the pretty standard:
Pirelli Cinturato P7 AS Run-Flat Design RFT
Front & Rear: 225/50VR18
SpeedRating: V
ServiceDesc: 99V
LoadRange: XL Ply Rating: 4

Will BMW accept if I put on tires with less ratings like:
Goodyear Eagle Sport AS Run-Flat Design EMT
Front & Rear: 225/50VR18
SpeedRating: V
ServiceDesc: 95V
LoadRange: SL Ply Rating: 4

I don’t want to spend another $300 if i don’t have to for the same tires that are on there… I can get a new set of the goodyears mounted, installed and balanced for $675.

Thanks so much for the help – obviously $675+tax that isn’t acceptable isn’t going to work but I cannot get a concrete answer. I’ve tried calling the dealer and BMW financial services and still not sure.

With my experience they only care about the profile depth and it doesn’t even have to be run-flat.

You don’t need a new set either, just enough tread. Look for used. As for what spec they need to be, I’m not sure. Probably just same speed rating (and size, obviously).

As long as vehicle has same RFT on all four with acceptable tread depth it is fine. I had bought used from ebay, had no issues when I returned the vehicle.

Just buy the right tire, going down to 95 Load when car is supposed to be 99 isn’t something id consider.

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