What SUVs are leasing well?

My 3-year leases on a 2019 Jeep Cherokee and Mazda CX-5 come to an end in 2 months. The Cherokee has 15k miles and the CX-5 has 10k. so I’m trying to decide my best option(s).

If I lease again, I’m curious what is leasing well right now. A few cars that I have my eye on are the Grand Cherokee, Telluride, Sorento, X5, GLE, but pretty open. I generally prefer the loaded models, if this helps narrow down lease deals.

Thanks for your help! This forum saved me a ton 3 years back!

Wrangler 4xe, although not as strong as a few months ago.


Buy out the very low mileage 2019’s. With more details we can help you evaluate how good (or bad) of a deal that would be.

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Thanks! Let me know if you need any other details.

2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited HA 4x4
3 yr / 36,000 miles (15k miles now)
$395/mo and $0 down and DAS

2019 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD
3 yr / 36,000 miles (10k miles now)
$387/mo with $0 down and DAS

How does their current buyout prices, after taxes and fees, compare to the prices youve got for selling them?


Are you talking about what the Kelly Blue Value is vs me buying out the lease? I need to call them find out.

The only numbers that matter is how much you havento pay to buy it and what someone that can cut you a check will pay to buy it from you.


once you have the payoff on both vehicles (don’t forget the cost of tax/registration) you can take that and shop it against various online car buyers (carmax, carvana, vroom etc) and see if it makes sense to buyout the lease.

I don’t think you will be able to currently lease anything near the payments you have now in the current market. The models you listed all lease for much more than you are paying now. You can check the broker ads for your area on this forum to get an idea of what the market is looking like currently (you will probably end up keeping what you have…)


Appreciate the help, thank you. Just got the numbers back on my vehicles…

Jeep Cherokee buy out is $23.7k (incl. tax) and carvana quote is around $27k

Mazda CX-5 buy out is $21.6k (incl. tax) and carvana quote is around $30k

I’m wondering if it makes sense to at least buy out both cars and maybe keep the Jeep and sell the Mazda? I’d like to then get a little by larger SUV (maybe 3-rows) if this makes sense. Happy to lease that one or buy it depending on what better to do right now.

sell them both and pocket equity

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I might do that. If I do, what are some good vehicles to lease/buy right now?

Anything that is a good buy will most likely be a factory order which will take some time to receive. Not much is leasing well, the Jeep Wrangler 4XE is an exception but is a bit more expensive now than it was a few months ago. Not sure where you are located, I’m in the Midwest I think there is a dealer near Indianapolis doing Telluride orders at msrp. If I was in the market of buying a mid size 3 row suv I would probably go that route as it has had really good sustained used values.

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This is part of what I was trying to get at.

I see an easy $11,000 on the table here. Did you check more than just carvana? Driveway.com and autonation gave me the best offers on my cars. There could be more money on the table.

Do you need 2 cars? If both of these are your personal cars and your mileage usage is consistent you can get away with leasing one car.

I personally would buy out both cars, sell the one that yields you the most money (with these carvana buyouts it’s looks like the Mazda) and drive the Jeep while you order another car to get the best deal.

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Its worth adding to the evaluation that if the jeep is leased through ccap, sales tax isnt due because it can be sold directly, so the yield is likely a lot closer


Very true! There is a no buyout period at the end of the CCAP lease. I believe it was 90 days. Some people said there were able to get a lease extension and then it was 90 days from the new lease end date. Some people reported that CCAP customer service said that did not extend the buyout period.

I personally have not seen conclusive information on that matter. Maybe you have?

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Ive seen some success stories of it working and ha ent seen any failure stories, but everythi g in anecdotal. At least of you extended it, you could still buy it out, so if that was already the plan, it wouldnt hurt to try.

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Are you saying I can’t buy out the Jeep within 90 days of lease end? Also, I’m using Ally financial for the lease payments…does this mean it’s not CCAP? Thanks!

Good suggestion. This is exactly my plan. Buy the Jeep and keep it (as long as I can still buy it out?). And buy the Mazda and sell it. Get away with 1 car for the time being and purchase one in the future if/when necessary.

The 90 day thing pertains to selling the lease to a 3rd party dealer. You can buy it out.

If youre through ally, it doesnt matter much since you cant really effectively sell to a 3rd party dealer ever with them since they charge dealers a different price than you. You can still buy it out though.

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Hey Hackrs,

I am in the market for a 5-seater SUV (preferably a hybrid with excellent mpg). I know this is generally a horrible time to be in the market. Do you guys have any suggestions on which cars are a good 36-month lease right now (hybrid or not).

A few years ago I leased a Bolt with the help of this forum and that was an insanely awesome deal, so thank you for that!

I have no idea what cars I should be considering because basically everything looks ridiculous right now. I still thought I would check here since you guys are the Hackrs!