Best Lease Deal Right Now

I’ve been a member of the forum which helped me land some awesome deals in the past (thanks to many of you). Now the times have changed and the worst part of it all, I had to return my car due to Lemon which left me without a car. I am struggling to find a decent deal to get into along with inventory shortage.

I would love to get your input on decent deals that’s currently available in the range between $20k - $45k. What would be your car of choice (best bang for the buck)? Any input is appreciated and hopefully I can find something soon!

Not really a period of lease deals to be honest :smiley:

I would say, be your own judge of “best deals” from here:


Welcome back. This (and every variation) is a very commonly asked question. You may have forgotten about the SEARCH function, so I pulled a few recent threads for you to peruse:

Based on the contents of those, maybe you could refine your question? Or tell us once you looked through the Marketplace what stands out for you?


Based on my most recent research. IN my opinion, 2022 Tucson Limited gas/hybrid/phev is the best bet for your money. Limited gas model will cost you around 39k with almost every feature you can think of, unbelievable value.

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Agreed, not the best time for deals. Thanks for the link.

Thanks for providing the links to similar posts! I am aware that I’m asking very similar question but the market is changing so fast (mostly due to shortage) so thought I would throw another one out there. I appreciate your feedback.

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