What Kind of Wine is Everyone Drinking?

Personally, I am a huge fine of Italian wines. During this time (consuming a bit more than I usually do), I love to find great nightly drinkers that are sub $20.

My top choice at the moment in this price point is:

It’s been harder and harder to find.


Is vodka tonic a wine? :grin:


This thread doesn’t discriminate comrade


На здоровье! Лехаим!

@aronchi @Lvs23 help me out here :slight_smile:

does wine barrel-aged beer count?


@bdemps2241 yes sir! Just trying to keep things positive with different threads and learn along the way :slight_smile:

If you’re a fan of Italian wines, get yourself a nice Barolo :ok_hand:

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Had a group of guys playing poker and chatting on zoom last night, one of them was drinking that I think blackberry.

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I’m a cheap date/unsophisticated pallet. Nebbiolo doesn’t do it for me.

Sangiovese for me!

My palate can only distinguish between “ok” and “drain opener.”


Bottles? There’s not enough in those, I go with box wine during crisis like these. My prerfered is Bota Box Pinot Noir. I also like Manhattan’s made with Buffalo Trace, that’s a great wine. Added bonus of box wine is you have no idea how much you drank!


I’m a cheap date

So am I . I have a coworker (older gentleman) who’s a wine “connoisseur” and put me onto finer wines. There’s no going back to supermarket wine or boxed wine.

Plenty of great wines to be had around $20-$30 a bottle. I still have no clue about wine but I can def taste the difference from a $6.99 bottle vs a finer wine…


For a daily drinker, no need to exceed $20

Justin Cab is my American go to and then the Chianti above if it can be found. A lot of my friends don’t like Chianti but have enjoyed this one.

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Guess they didn’t pair it with liver and fava beans


This - I personally enjoy Franzia’s Chardonnay. $14 for 5L, tastes decent and gets me nicely drunk. Win win.

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I was told by client of mine who owned a vineyard that if you can make any wine taste great just by decanting. Even if it’s just for an hour. I’m not a wine drinker so taking his word for it.

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Yeh that’s just not true lol

But-if a $5 bottle/box of wine tastes great to an individual, I guess it doesn’t matter.

See @runcory2018 above ^^^

Just thinking about that gives me a hangover but if you enjoy it, who cares!?

But now you don’t have to. Instead, put your bargain bottle in the blender.

The importance of letting wine breathe to improve its overall taste is nothing new, but it turns out you can maximise the effect. By pouring your cheap bottle into a blender and blitzing it for around 30 seconds your wine will be rendered mellower, fruitier and taste a whole lot more expensive. This acts as a fast decanting and adds oxygen to the wine to bring out the flattened flavor of cheaper wines.


We’re 20 posts deep and still very few replies on what people are drinking…

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