What is Honda leadership leasing program and Honda Care Sentinel Service ( For Accord EX-L 2021 )

Visited 2 dealers today - $380 per month for 36 month / 10K miles a year on 0 $ downpayment (selling price was 10% off msrp )

Still searching for a $350 per month or below deals

$380? Those are some frightening numbers for an accord EX-L.

I don’t understand why $380 is a bad number. They’re getting 10% off msrp (I haven’t really seen accords go for over 10% off but if you have enlighten me), buy rate mf, and all taxes/fees rolled into the lease price. Absent some serious incentives, which don’t exist right now outside of $200, what more can be done? I think if they want the accord, which is an awesome car that punches well above its weight and is comparable to cars that would lease for more, there’s nothing on that deal that seems off.

Judging by a quick search in shared deals, it looks like 11-12% dealer discount was attainable a short while back on Accord different trims. With the current chips and inventory situation, I’d say 10% off pre-incentive + buy rate on Accord, in TX, which is not most competitive market, does seem like a pretty solid deal. Could be improved depending on a level of effort and luck, but certainly nothing frightening about it.

@Traderx, OP is in TX, he has to pay taxes on full selling price of the car. This contributes to higher payment than say comparable deal from low taxes state.

I don’t know what situation the guy is in, meaning how desperately he needs a new car but if they can wait it out a few months I believe incentives will get a hell of alot better, I know they are in Texas and have to pay taxes on the full selling price but at $380 for an EX-L even with 10% off msrp is just way too much. I would opt for an entire different car model instead of paying $380 for an accord ex-l. A $200 incentive is a joke, that should also push higher in the months ahead. I’m going to be in the market for a new lease in the next few months and if I can’t get the numbers I want I’m going to extend my lease until I do. I know this market today for new car leases is well against the consumers due to production limits and also chip shortages but that too will only last for so long.

I’m confused. This is cheaper than your original target. What is your target price based on? $380 with $0 DAS seems like a great deal based on what you originally posted.

@Traderx for the 7000th time, the blind payment criticism and crystal ball guessing isn’t helping. It’s misleading at best.

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I’m not trying to mislead anyone, what I’m trying to say is if they aren’t in desperate need for a lease at this moment and can hold off I believe prices will subside in their favor, that’s all. I still don’t believe $380 zero down for an accord with some leather trim is worth $380 a month. That’s just me. I mean a few bucks more he can grab an entry level luxury loaner.


@Traderx What kind of comparable entry level loaner luxury vehicle is available for a few bucks more, with all taxes and fees capitalized into the lease?

That’s a serious question, because I’ve been trying to find a decent deal the last few months and have been looking pretty hard. It seems like 3 series loaners in the marketplace section go for at least $100 more a month when all is said and done.

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This is a thread from late March, audi A4

I actually tried to replicate the Audi deal but wasn’t able to. You’re pointing to an instance where the buyer got 14% off msrp, which no dealer I spoke to was willing to entertain. You can’t point to a one off deal as the norm. The closest I got to that was in the mid to high 400s. A4s are real nice, but they are a good deal smaller than accords.

This is a demo 235 bmw

Well if someone is willing to drop nearly 400 bucks on an accord why not just bump it up to mid 400s and get an entry level luxury brand.

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An acura TLX 2021 Base!!!

Not here to beat down OP but to give my deal that I posted

2021- Honda Accord Sport leased in Late April
1200 das
275month all in

How is that relevant or helpful to the OP?

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