SIGNED - 2020 BMW M235i XDrive Demo - $350/mo 36/10 1300 DAS

I missed AWD and Launch Control and when I saw @spockvr6 hack one of these I had to try.
Shoutout to him for also helping me with questions and then reverse engineering the calculator based on the actual lease deal sheet.

The car was a demo with 5200 miles on it, had been sitting for quite some time and I don’t think anyone had tried to lease it due to the mileage.
I initially got an offer of $402 w/tax 1363 DAS which was not bad at all.
After a few exchanges back and forth and signing up for an OL code at this particular dealer, the final deal worked out to $350 including 9.5% tax and 1300 DAS

Car is pretty loaded:
Shadowline Package
Premium Package
M Performance Package
Panoramic Moonroof
Sport Seats

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW M235i XDrive
MSRP: $52,345
Selling Price: $39,777 (~24% off)
Monthly Payment: $320 + 9.5% L.A. tax to equal $350
Drive-Off Amount: $1300
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00126
Residual: 58%
Incentives: Loyalty, Lease Cash, OL Code
Region: California (drove to Bay Area)
Leasehackr Score: 12.4 Years
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


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Congrats, man! I’m guessing they used the OL code to discount the selling price and not as an incentive? :slight_smile:

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The selling price was originally 40777 and the day after I first reached out they lowered it to 39777 so I got a new quote.
Initially with the 39777 price quote was 1362 DAS and 369/mo
Once I gave the OL code and my zip code final price was the 1300 DAS and 350/mo including tax



GREAT JOB @Tanik ! This is easily the best M235 signing weve seen. I am soooo happy this worked out as it did as I know (based on our chats) that you worked this for a few weeks. That OneLife code added towards then end was serious icing on the proverbial cake :money_mouth_face:


Also, this is another perfect example of the structure that I just keep yapping about…GIANT discount and raised MF. It is just the best way to go if a dealer will do it (and the discount is commensurate with the MF increase). There is no downside to it as a consumer as the worst case is that the deal is break even at lease end compared to smaller discount and base MF. For the other 35 months, the leasee is positive. Weve been preaching BASE BASE BASE MF for so long (for what reason I am not sure TBH) that it has hurt people’s discount percentages and I hope that many others will follow this approach of pursuing the higher discount and increased MF. Not all dealers will necessarily do it (some may need to show the profit on the sale and not in finance) but it seems most are happy to have the MF bump in exchange for the lower sales price.


To show the strength of this deal, the total lease cost is ~$13,585 over 36 months on a $52,345 MSRP (or ~$377.36/mo including 9.5% tax) and NO MSDs.

My deal was effectively ~$13,982 over 36 months on a $49,195 MSRP (or ~$388.40/mo including 7% tax) WITH MSDs.

So, this deal is ~$397 less cost over the lease term on a car with an MSRP that is $3150 greater and did not require MSDs.


Honestly you hit the nail on the head. I would pick a larger discount with maxed out MF any day of the week. That’s the only way I was able to get 30% off on my 740i leases. I think we preach base MF as a general rule of thumb because 99% of the time, we’re dealing with modest discounts. But, as you said, if the dealer will do it, take the higher discount and let them make their money in finance. It actually benefits us more that way if we need to sell the car mid-lease because the payoff is now lower. Your “rent charge” is just higher.

I think OP did phenomenally well on this deal. By far the best M235i xDrive lease on this forum. I’m pretty sure 228i GC’s lease for more LOL.


I think it’s largely because a lot of people miss the commensurate discount part and fail to normalize offers for buy rate when comparing. Pushing for buy rate makes that easier for most to force the normalizing.


Definitely a good alternative to the tradition thinking, if not a better one

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This was definitely what seemed to be all the stars aligning in the right place on this deal.

Also I can tell their finance guy is doing well, he told me he has 2 AMG’s, an i8, and a Huracan on order.
If the marked up MF got me to where I want to be, I am not mad at that one bit.

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Also I have seen several loaner 228i go for a similar if not higher payment/DAS on here :muscle:t3:



I believe the definition of luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity :slight_smile:


Very true!

Wow man, insane deal for that spec of car. Hard to argue that payment without MSDs. You can definitely make some cash back on a swap if need be.

Looks sick in white!

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I am really stoked with all the options on this thing.
Just missing HK sound and active cruise control (which I’ll never need) from what I have seen.
Having Apple CarPlay, HUD, sport seats, live cockpit pro, etc are all pretty awesome so far.

My previous lease was a 2018 340i MSport with HK sound, heated seats and blind spot monitoring.
Felt a bit more “raw” with the turbo i6 but didn’t really have much soul.
53k MSRP and got a 10k/24mo lease for 1400 DAS 388/mo including tax
Not really going to miss it.

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I agree, after looking at pretty much all the colors available on this car, to my eyes I also think white looks the best.


Absolutely, the grey one I test drove with your red interior was cool but it didn’t have the sport seats.
White on black or white on red is the way to go with the contrast.
Also with my wife’s white i3 we have the white BMW couple’s cars haha

Awesome deal and car! I love my ACC on my 2018 330i xDrive GT but I drive from Santa Fe, NM to Vegas on a regular basis.

I need to start working on an M550i opportunity, but those are much rarer as anything other than an exec car from what I can tell (though a friend got one as a loaner from a SoCal dealership).

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