What are my options in mid size SUV with 3rd row for 400-600$?

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CA - nor cal

Mazda CX-9

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Didn’t realize the 4xe had a third row

It doesn’t.

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Did you check the appropriate sections of the forum?

Check out the “Share a Deal” and “Marketplace” sections of LH forums to decide what’s leasing well and pick a vehicle that is already proven to offer good value.

Remember, there are no magic wands that can save a deal from poor programs (RV, MF, and incentives) and/or poor discounts.

This has been one of the most frequently asked questions the past six months. If you search:


Lots, and lots, and lots of suggestions. Almost zero of them leasing well at the moment.

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Oh, I know. I was being facetious.

Problem is I’m new to this site, new to leasing and very confused at the moment, all these terms like mf msd das everything is alien to me

Infiniti QX60 could be good more luxurious option if can find a 2020 one in stock. I was paying 465 a month (39 months/12k miles) for one with the essentials and proassist packages with sticker price of 54k with only first month paid at signing. It was such a good deal because the dealer took over 20% off msrp in the selling price.

Sold it to Algo last month for a couple thousand in equity.

Fortunately this site is a great resource for learning all of that. Spend a while reading through the leasing 101 and searching through the forums.

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4xe third row is about as useful as the cx9 third row

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The best place to start is

Please read links in there such as “how to calculate payments” and other helpful articles.

It might seem like a lot but TBH there are fewer <60 minute exercises which will save you so much time, money and anxiety over your driving lifetime.

It may also save you (after your negotiations with LH input) inside the finance office where no one can from the internet can really help you.

Remember, it’s almost impossible to reverse-engineer the math starting from the output (monthly payment) and figure out if it’s a good deal. Start at the beginning.

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Or just hire a broker from the Marketplace section

Highlander comes to mind

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Lexus Rx350

Being new to leasing is the perfect opportunity to take some time to read up on how leasing works. As others have suggested, there are a ton of resources available on this site.

I would strongly suggest listening to the advice of folks providing it.


You also don’t have to lease now is a terrible time to lease a car

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