Best lease deal with spacious 3rd row SUV in June-2021?

Hello leasehackers,
Lease on my Subaru 2018 is expiring this month. What a deal i got with help from this community: 0 DAS, 0 1st month payment and $320/month for a Outback 2.5i Limited Trim. Unfortunately, lease is expiring at end of this month.

On top of that we are also expecting a baby this year. I also have a 3 years old and expecting my parents to visit for few months as well. So i really need that 3rd raw which can accommodate two adults.

Would you guys be kind enough to suggest best spacious 3rd raw SUVs and if there are any lease deals?
Thanks in Advance.

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Ha! We have a comedian here.

This is basically the worst time to lease in recorded history.


Just search for “3rd row” and there’s a lot of recent feedback for deals (or lack thereof). Pilot, Highlander, Terrain, RX350L, CX-9, Q7, X7, GL450… all depends on your budget and your version of a deal.

Here’s one, and heads-up - it’s not pretty


You can get a third row in dozens of vehicles.

What you’ll struggle with is grandpa’s access to the third row with two child seats in place in the second row.

What child seats do you have or plan to buy?


I’m in the exact same spot. 2 kids in car seats. Subaru lease coming to and end. Looking for best 3rd row SUV on the market. I’m guessing I’ll need one with 2nd row captain chairs.

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Graco Slim Fit has served us great over past 2-3 years.

good for you. TBH, I am not as caught up with car lease market ATM.

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It’s pretty much the worst it has ever been. Avoid it at all cost.


Sure, thanks. I will check what is my purchase option for Subaru outback 2018 2.5i limited trim. If it is < 25,000, it makes sense for me to buy it. Same trim/model with ~15K miles going for 30-31K right now in market.

I buy, book profit and then outright buy a new 3rd raw SUV. Appreciate your feedback.

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You’ll probably want to attempt having the grandparents get into several vehicles with car seats in place.

Problem is, the larger the SUV the more likely it is to be tall with a floor high off the ground. That is a killer for older people and their hips/knees unless they are super fit and agile for their age.


Atlas and cx9 allow shifting second row seats without removing child seat. Going through the middle of captain seats with two child seat attached is not easier, ymmv. I love captain seats for myself but the thought of paying extra for one less seat and having the two captains covered by child seats don’t seem like a winner to me. Also some grand/parents do prefer to sit next to the smaller child or in between. Captain eliminates that possibility. But for four adults, captain is worth thousands to me. Ooo for just one grandparent, sitting on second row even with two child seats may not be as bad.

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Ok, thanks Everyone for help. I get that buying is better option right now then leasing. I have 14-15K miles on my Subaru 2018 limited trim. It is going for ~$30K as per carmax and carvana.

My lease agreement states that i can buy it for $22.7K. I have no doubt in my mind that i am buying it and selling for some profit. I will use profits as down payment to buy a 3rd raw SUV.

You misspelled minivan. :sweat_smile:

We had a three row suv for many years but nothing beats a minivan for ease of access and space. Not that there’s any lease deals for minivans either.


Getting into a 3-yr lease, or even buying a vehicle, to accommodate visitors for 3 mos is just silly. Rent them a car. I’m sure they’d appreciate being able to leave the house without the entire clan once in a while.


Have you seen the rental market right now?

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I wish i could. They are visiting from a different country. And we wish to have them few months every year. Getting a new license for my dad, paying for driving lessons,adding him in a car insurance would be a big hassle.

Besides, People drive on left side of the road in Country they are coming from and not many people follow any rules, so not sure how my dad can adapt to new driving environment.

Check copy of your lease contract. What is your residual value? It’s the option for you to buy off the lease and your outback. How many miles you have on your outback?

My 2018 2.5i limited have 15k miles and i can buy it off for $22.7K. They are going for ~$30K right now due to crazy second hand car market.

You can buy it off, sell for a profit and use it as down payment to buy 3 raw SUV that you like. As per this forum, Buying is better than leasing as of now.

You can always rent you a 3 row vehicle for when they come.


I feel for the people whose leases are coming to an end and finding out about the market conditions. OP, hope you find a suitable solution to your problem.

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Have you seen the car market right now? What is better? Overpaying for 3 mos or overpaying for 3 yrs?