We're Back! And a Message to All Leasehackrs

Dear Leasehackrs,

On Friday, we experienced technical difficulties and our forum went offline for 48 hours. As we know many of you—from consumers to businesses to enthusiasts—depend on Leasehackr, we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Leasehackr was founded in 2015 initially as a hobby for our co-founders, @michael and @littleviolette, because there just wasn’t a website that approached car leasing in a useful and compelling way. We created Leasehackr to share the great opportunities that are possible when consumers lease in an informed, well-researched manner.

Since then, this community has grown to over 50,000 members and countless more guest visitors, facilitating thousands of transactions along the way. We could not have this community without the dedication, enthusiasm, and knowledge of our members.

Leasehackr has not accepted online advertising—preferring to keep a seamless look on the forum free of distractions, and instead charging a nominal monthly fee to registered dealer and broker representatives to help keep the site running. We feel such an approach keeps us independent, so that we can serve our niche of Leasehackrs who seek a certain type of deal that the general public might not obtain.

As we’ve grown, we’ve also incurred financial costs—including during this recent outage. So today we are launching the Leasehackr Technical Support Fund. Donations made to this fund will go towards technical support, server hosting fees, licenses, and other investments toward the reliability of this platform.

Your donations, no matter the amount, will be instrumental to keeping this platform healthy. If you believe in our mission, we’d greatly appreciate it if you would donate to our Technical Support Fund.

You can make a one-time donation or choose to contribute to this fund on a monthly basis at four different levels: $5/month, $10/month, $15/month, or $20/month. Members who donate will be recognized with a special badge next to their username. For those who wish to donate annually, Leasehackr’s official birthday is March 29, 2015, when the domain was registered. :relaxed:

Thank you for your support.

The Leasehackr Team


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Done thanks for all you do!


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Also done. Thanks for the work @michael


He’s not personally asking you to donate. If you don’t like Leasehackr don’t visit the website or donate.




Guys while I don’t agree with their sentiments about the mods blocking their comments isn’t a good look.

May I ask why their comments were reomoved?


Glad to see you’re back :slight_smile: Donated


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Their comments were flagged by other members, not removed by mods…


Comments are removed when flagged by 3 people, even without moderator involvement.

I also have no way of seeing who flagged them, but the way they show up as hidden is more indicative of non-mod’s flagging them (as any of the mods could delete/move them).


you’re not wrong about the donating, but blocking their comments isn’t a good show. Also being on quite a few forums the mods here are some of the worst/hyperactive I have seen. There are some great mods here but quite a few of the opposite as well. I don’t think this is the proper place to convey such sentiment to begin with but creating a new thread in off-ramp will get shut down by said mods. Just my 2 cents.

edit: I guess they were flagged by others, well either way probably should have it’s own thread not here.


If you don’t like the mods here you can suck it. Vote for me SuperMod 2021.


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I would trust the Honda man for moderation. He has my vote. :pleading_face:


Understood thanks for the explanation guys.

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50,000 members!? Congrats to you both! What an amazing accomplishment. You should truly be proud.

For all the folks knocking the mods…do you all forget they’re volunteering their time here? It’s not like this is a paid gig with an orientation or a handbook.

I like that they’re all different and have their own style. I’m not on any other forums to compare to, but that doesn’t matter to me. Some are really nice, others aren’t. No different than the members. Can’t take anything personal.


They are all better than Reddit mods. As long as you don’t try to get me exposed for “cheating” on an AP test, dox me, or ban me for no reason, y’all are golden in my eyes.