We need a hall of fame for useful or infamous threads

Locking old threads to new posts means useful information might get lost

I recently found a very useful few months old thread that was bumped up that I would have never known of.

There are many older threads I will never know of.

Suggestion: Hall of fame section that’s curated by trusted hackers.

There’s a lot of knowledge lost in old threads and it’s a shame.

That’s what FAQ is for. What sort of old knowledge are you referring to?

900$ Pilots, Grey Honda Accord Touring, $150/m BMW 5-series etc etc

So a hall of shame? (5 series excluded)

It’s called the “Search” function

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If we are on the same page he’s referring to the 5 series guy who drove the loaner over 5k miles and bent the dealer over the barrel trying to unwind so that he could negotiate a better deal… which he did, can’t believe believe that thread got deleted lol

Well, then 5 series thread not excluded from the hall of shame.

exactly. put a stop to the check he gave to the dealership. I made a pdf copy of that thread if anyone is interested in it


:rofl::rofl::rofl: definitely send that.


How tf was that Eric_N thread allowed to go on for so long?

I was super confused at first too… His initial replies were in fact normal, at one point he went back and edited his every single reply to a “junk loaners are great!” one… Good read, lots of clicking on edit button though.

Knowledge that is hidden away in threads I will never see.

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Just found the $900 Pilot thread. Wow.

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Mind sharing it again, I wanna read it since Im bored lol

Sure can email you. Don’t think I can upload files on this forum

Just because they are locked doesn’t mean you can’t search and read them. There’s no point bumping up old threads that are irrelevant now or for just adding more commentary.


You should be able to on mobile, pm sent anyway.

will email instead

Someone give me a link to that thread