Volvo S90 T6 - $300/month A-Plan

Not entirely. I’m seeing for 36/10:

T6 Inscription AWD 52% and 0.00025
T6 Momentum AWD 54% and 0.00074

Correct, I was looking at 24 months.
Edit: mixed up trims. MOM is good too.

But if there’s around the typical $500 advertising, the 6% rule goes out the window because reality is more like 5% and hackrs are going to be screaming bloody murder. A-Plan is based on invoice, not so much 6% unless you adjust for advertising, $60 of the destination, and difference in margin on port-installed options. Getting the actual invoice shouldn’t be too hard after all the other disclosures being demanded.

So Cal. 20202020202020

With deep discounts, 24 months becomes very attractive and less of a bump from 36 months. Factor in avoiding a 40K service and maybe tires, and it can be well worth it. If you wind up doing a 9 month pull ahead, it’s effectively a 15 month lease. Yay!

You should contact one of the dealers recommended in this thread for one of those T6 Unicorn deals you crave!

I have my car picked out already for this go round, thanks.

I was looking at the Volvo seriously, but the new car timing for me, and a solar install made the decision a little easier.

Volt, pocket the change, pay off solar install, in 3 years. Go luxury next time, hope there is more PHEV selections worth the money in 3 years.

Now just need to get the volt, and the plan is complete! :blush:

The Volt’s a great car- I’m selling mine now!

It really is a great car- I just got something else. I’m sure you’re aware of our SoCal Chevy dealers here. Percentage/month of MSRP is excellent, especially if you qualify for the $1,500 CA rebate (or the Unicorny $3,500 rebate).

I am aware, and I have spoke with one of them.

The deal is “semi setup”. Will be buying before the end of the month.

I am not sure why anyone would walk into a dealership when you can have a bottom line deal worked out in less than a paragraph on the IM here.

ok noob question here…

on the volvo website payment calculator it shows the T6 as having $2500 for “2018 Volvo S90 Lease Bonus Dealer Cash” and an additional $5250 for “2018 Volvo Allowance”.

With A-plan, I assume I can get the 6% off msrp plus $3k a-plan elite bonus… so my question is, does all of this stack?

i.e. can i do MSRP - 6% - $3000 - $2500 - $5250?

Those incentives do stack. Sometimes the incentives vary from market to market, but that’s how it works out in mine. The 6% off is meant to estimate invoice, which is what A-Plan is based on. The 6% discount does not apply to the $995 destination, and whatever the advertising the dealer pays increases the invoice, too.

To your formula add 6% of $995, advertising, and (maybe $10 charity) to the number you were calculating.

If you have the VIN, I can look up the invoice amount.

Yes you have it right

The A plan website actually gives you the discount you should receive.

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Do you mean here?

Yeah. When you log in it shows you the price you should be paying when you use A plan.

Don’t you have to create an account to log in and maybe qualify to create an account?

Yes so it applies to those that have A plan. No point to discuss A plan if the person doesn’t qualify for it.


It’s a bit of a Catch 22. I mentioned before that not all HR departments are aware they have it (Apple, for example, a few years ago). Logging into the website is fine if you know you have it. Even still, I don’t think that website will know what advertising or charity charges are added on to the invoice of a particular car. Their language (last time I checked) was “estimated.” Port installed options don’t follow the 6% margin, either.

You keep talking about all these hidden fees of advertising and etc. But the A plan website lists the actual price someone should get when using A plan. If I was buying I would point to the A plan price and call it a day.

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This is definitely true. I knew my company qualified for Mercedes fleet and got a pin # from their fleet services department. Since I saw 0 info on this benefit on any of our websites, I sent a note to our HR person and not only did she say it doesn’t exist, but that it was probably a discount to buy a company car which I did not qualify for. I ignored her :slight_smile: but I think in some cases these types of benefits may be intentionally hidden and treated as executive perks.