SoCal Volvo Dealer suggestions?

Any suggestions for SoCal Volvo dealers that are leasehackr friendly?

I have the same question, even to just look at and test drive some cars. I stopped by the dealer in Thousand Oaks only to find out they close 7pm. Sharp. I didn’t have a great experience at Galpin, or any Galpin dealership in general, and it looks like the one that used to be in Calabasas is closed now.

Give Rusnak Pasadena a shot. I had a good experience there.

yeah, I got a reply from one of their internet sales guys (Mike R?). We’ll see what happens. Do you have someone you would recommend, ie won’t play games and gets straight to a decent, if not completely leasehackr worthy price?

Chris Harrison … straight shooter no bs. Tell her Tarek referred you.

thanks for the recommendation.

I got my S90 at Santa Monica Volvo (Chris White), and got a pretty good deal.

Volvo Mission Viejo. Deal with Kerry Mitchell.

Gene at San Diego Volvo - Older guy - kind - Works with you.

Gene uses inflated MF. Contact Sim or the new GM at Volvo Escondido. Small dealership but very transparent and willing to deal.

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Wow good to know!! I have a negotiator who will call him out on that. Thank you for your input. :slight_smile:

I’d call Guy Garner or Tony Tehrani at Culver City. Straight forward, but don’t plan on much back and forth.

Its confirmed Escondido Volvo are GREAT deals. If there are discounts and rebates. Carlsbad is full of BS. And SD well you heard about that already. We will see. Looks like Escondido may have my business.