Volvo Lease End Options

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!!

I need some advice/ assistance for my current scenario.

I have 2 Volvos(2019 S60 and a 2019 XC90(Both have equity)) that the lease is ending in 5 months.I reached out to my local dealership to get an idea how much it would cost to upgrade into the latest models(I know prices are super inflated, but had to check), and the payments they offered were about 30 to 40 percent higher than what I’m currently paying.

So I’ve narrowed down my options.

  1. Take Volvo’s pull ahead and make super high lease payments(Not going to happen)

  2. Buy my 2 Volvos outright and enjoy or sell them on my own and buy/lease new vehicles.

  3. Look for a competitor that can get me matching lease payments and trade my vehicles into them

  4. Extend leases for a few months and pray prices normalize. LOL (Thanks for the suggestion @Leaseboy )

Any thoughts/insights would be appreciated.

You can’t sell your Volvos to a 3rd party, so seems like you are stuck with option 2.

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If I’m not mistaken you can extend lease a few months with Volvo. This may buy time to hope market sorts itself out.

Do you have equity with these cars? You may do, in which case you could buy and then immediately resell–potentially even using that equity toward new volvos.

That’s what I was meaning to say for option 2. Buy the cars and immediately sell them, but then I’m forced to buy/lease new cars in this market.

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Option 2 is a little worse, you gotta go to a Volvo dealer to buy them out. Welcome to Florida.

Does Volvo require that in FL? Not all brands do

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I call Volvo to confirm, but they have a payoff form on their site and it provides a lease payoff amount and where to send a check in. There is no mention in the form that a local volvo dealer is required to complete this.

Per the Volvo payoff form

Thank you for your payoff inquiry. The amount required to purchase your leased vehicle and pay off your remaining obligation under
the lease agreement (“payoff”) is listed above.
We accept personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders and certified checks. A cashier’s check, money order or certified
check will allow for faster processing time.
Please send the items indicated below to us. Upon receipt of these items, we will process the payoff and forward the paid in full
documents to you.
• Payoff check or money order payable to Volvo Car Financial Services
• Completed and signed Odometer Statement (attached)
• Completed and signed Security Deposit Authorization and Titling Information (attached)
Use one of the addresses below based on your preferred delivery method:
Regular Postal Mail
VCFS Auto Leasing Company
P.O. Box 91300
Mobile, AL 36691-1300
Overnight Delivery
VCFS Auto Leasing Company
6150 Omni Park Drive
Mobile, AL 36609
Please review the Important Notices section below for additional information relating to the payoff.
We appreciate your business and hope to be of service for your automotive financing or leasing needs in the future. If you have
any questions, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.
Volvo Car Financial Services


Oh Neat!
I guess Volvo doesn’t need it, wonder how they bypassed the FL law when the payoff address is in Alabama.

Plenty of BofA branches in Florida - I don’t believe so.

As others have said:

  • You can buy your Volvos, pay sales tax (if applicable), and resell to whomever you want. Or
  • You can trade them to a Volvo dealer on new Volvos

I would get accurate payoffs and buy-out quotes on both to see how much equity you are dealing with.

A 2 car deal is extra unattractive in this market.

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I believe they just have to have a bank location in the state and a dealer’s license in the state, not necessarily that the buyout has to go through an in state location.

Jeisensc seems to suggest that VFS is really Bank of America, so that makes sense, they are everywhere.

Yes but if BofA doesn’t have a dealer license, moot.

I’m not questioning that part, I was questioning the physical location part. BofA is everywhere.

My twin lol
As Jon said - go with #2. I will probably keep the S60 and hopefully can sell the XC90 to extract some equity.

Except Columbus, Ohio - which I learned the hard way when I briefly lived there. I have also been on a few business trips where there were none to be found.

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Did they like just go into hiding when you were there?

LOL. I think I saw one of your posts a few years back which inspired me to go with the 2 Volvo setup.

As for me I’m thinking keep the Xc90 as I can do more with it with family and downgrade the car or replace with suv/truck.

This pandemic allowed me to work remote full time(Not sure for how long), but I need a 2nd car for my son which we share the S60 for the time being. He is super thrilled since he’s 17 and gets to drive a new Volvo to school every day.

My situation is a bit different with Volvo, but any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have a 2019 S60, buyout 27K (with four payments left). Carmax offered me a little over 30K (in current condition with some dents/scratchtes).

Question for the hackers regarding Volvo leases: If there is equity in the vehicle and its below miles, is there a way to waive the final four payments, turn in early, and use any equity to offset the dents/scratches? Based on my research, it will probably require me to buy the car and pay sales tax, but if anyone has a better idea let me know.

Family is growing and I need a 3rd row SUV or Minivan, so also looking for deals!


There’s also none in Louisville, KY

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The better idea is go to the local Volvo dealer and see if he will match the Carmax offer. Then you bypass the Tax issue.

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