Volvo Lease End Options

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I have a 2019 XC90 T6 lease ending in June 2022 and a 2020 XC90 T5 coming up in Dec 2020.
Both under miles and positive equity - 25k mi on a 36k 2019 and 27k mi on a 45k 2020. Plus I have a new driver in the house and will need a 3rd car. Wife and I still go into the office enough that there are times both cars are gone. I think I’m buying my 2019, immediately selling it pocketing the cash. Then buying a used car for my son, driving that for 4-5 months until he needs it full time then get myself something at that time. Will deal with the Dec car in 6-8 months…

Fun times!!!

XC90 is a more practical car, but with the end of warranty I’d need to go through the dealer to at least CPO it. And there is also tires and brakes and there is more equity in it. The S60 is like new with under 9k miles and I like it.

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did you reach out and send me your vins? might be able to get you into something comparable by using the old leases.

I didn’t think you could sell to Volvo dealer like that?

Oh ugh, I remember now, Volvo requires you to lease another Volvo, if you want to trade in yours early.

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That’s a very recent development… like last year.

A long time ago I opened a checking account at Chase so I’d have a physical bank branch to walk into when I needed something “branch-y” in Columbus (Bank of America is our primary household bank).

Even now, the closest Bank of America “location” to our home is a drive-up ATM in the parking lot of a credit union branch that has closed.

Side note: their #%@$^ ATM dispenses $100s by default.

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Their bill selecting atms are the GOAT, just barely inching out the green screen branch ATMs with modems.

I briefly hitched my wagon to Chase (who lost a wire transfer) for personal and biz while I lived there. I had dedicated humans, who were extremely nice, and had their tools/rules worked correctly could have done anything. Best CC servicer, above average lease captive (Subaru and Mazda), worst everything else.

I’ve had a couple of foreign currency debacles with Chase, and the HELOC they did for us was a dog’s breakfast.

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There really aren’t any lease deals. You’ll probably want to finance something that offers a strong feature set relative to sticker and that held its value well even before COVID and supply chain issues.

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Is there a way to trade in to another dealer through a Volvo lease? I understand they don’t allow buyouts, so is there a way you could negotiate trade in value, drop off the car and finalize deal once you have received title and paid off Volvo financial? I would rather know the terms of the deal before I buyout my lease, or is this not realistic?

No. Your options are basically to turn it in at the end of the lease, buy it out and sell it, or trade it in on a new Volvo.


what does the process of CPOing a car involve? and what benefits does it get?

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How much? Sounds good if plan is too keep car long term

Your dealer gives you the price. I think around $1,000-1,500

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As someone who’s 2019 S60 T5 MOM lease is coming due this month and can’t find a suitable replacement…options 2 and 4 are really your only options since Volvos can’t be bought out by a 3rd party. Your best bet is either extending the lease, which is a month-to-month for a maximum of 3 months per what VCFS told me. Or, sell it back to Volvo and hopefully recoup some equity. You should have some equity in the vehicle I am currently waiting for my lease extension paperwork to come in the mail so I can sign it and send it back to them. You need to call VCFS to initiate the lease extension. It can only be done after your second-to-last payment is made per them and you have to give them a valid reason i.e. you can’t find a car you want on your dealer lot or you have an order for another Volvo. I think they’re supposed to give you longer on the lease extension if you’re ordering another Volvo. In my case, I wanted a S60 T8 Polestar Engineered that was on a dealer lot and they were refusing to come off of MSRP; they were only giving me Volvo loyalty allowance, A-Plan Elite, and cash/PHEV credit with a marked-up MF. Needless to say, I wasn’t about to pay $900/mo for an S60 that had some features removed for MY22 (paddle shifters in the performance model)…so I’m currently in the same boat as you in trying to figure this out. I know that even with only 24K miles on odometer, I need “light” repairs done (part of the front spoiler from the exterior styling kit is coming off on one side because I pulled in too close to a messed up parking spot and I may need to replace the rear tires). Definitely get the auto vin inspection on your vehicle once you’re called for it.

I also looked at the M340i and S4…things are just so crazy right now. Might even have to buy out this vehicle and ride it out :frowning: . It’s crazy. In a world where Volvos are known to depreciate, 3 year old “base” models/minimally optioned ones are selling for $30K+ on dealer lots.

Unless you know for a fact, djmarden, that you will be dinged for damage I would not be so sure. I have returned lease cars to Toyota, Nissan, Volvo. In a couple of cases I have personally done paint touchup using my ghetto-garage method, and in others I’ve always had wheel rash, small dents, inevitable scratches. I have not, by any of the brands, been charged for this. I believe it to be in their best interest not to punish people excessively, so they are surprisingly forgiving. Nissan got me on worn tires once, but that’s all I ever paid.

In any case before you return the vehicle you can ask for an appraiser to give you an estimate. This should give you an idea about whether volvo would actually charge you for the return or not.

Commit to buy my car and I’ll sell you my S60 T8 haha

My neighbor just bought a late model Volvo with almost 30k miles on it. I do not envy the person who has to cover these cars’ repair bills. It will be a cold day in hell before I own one of these outside of factory warranty/CPO. Absolutely a no-go from me, but that goes for any luxury car except perhaps Lexus.

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