Volvo Lease Equity

I’m currently leasing a 2019 XC60 T6 INSC with 39k miles and 5 months remaining. Today’s buyout is 36k and KBB Trade is 41,500 and Pvt Party is 44,330.

I want to finance a 2022 XC90 T8. Few questions:

  1. Anyone know if Volvo would buy out my lease equity? Or do I have to purchase and then immediately trade it in?

  2. Are Volvo dealers going under sticker on XC90 T8s right now? I haven’t checked in around here since the Summer when things were above sticker. Curious as to what the current state is.


Go to Marketplace and search for NorthEast Volvo, there’s a group @stellarauto Who buys Volvos and can answer if you can get an XC90 at any kind of discount.

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send me the vin and miles - my store might have build allocations for t8’s.

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I’m couple months out on my XC60 lease end, and went to look at a new one. I was pleasantly surprised that they were going to give me the actual equity (about $5k) in the car, rather than just take it back as if it were lease end.

So, at my local Volvo dealership at least, the answer to your first question is yes, they will give you the equity in the car on trade-in.

In exchange for a lower or no discount and probably marked up MF.

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That means little in isolation. What’s the rest of the deal?