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CALIFORNIA ONLY! NorCal Customer must Sign-in SoCal!!
Please text or call Sam 818-263-0533
We do not charge any broker fees!
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We are only doing deals in California! Delivery is only available to SoCal residents! Please contact me for any other model! 818-263-0533

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Cars are going fast! Best Volvo pricing in the nation!

Do you have any leases on the XC40 Recharge P8 2021 or 22, preferably the fully loaded package.


Yes, I do. Please send us a text at 818-263-0533.

Hey there
Would you be able to help with a lease in Northern California? Looking for xc40 recharge, got loyalty incentive

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Please send us a text we can help you get a car but pickup on the volvo will be in SoCal

What about XC60 Recharge Extended Range editions?

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Please reach out to us for a quick quote 818-263-0533

Does anyone have Polestar lease deals or are they serious about fixed pricing? I realize this is a Volvo thread but itโ€™s the closest Iโ€™ve seen to Polestar.

Please text us 818-263-0533 and we will send over pricing as soon as we have new programs.

@EZAutoGroup Any lease deals on XC60 Ultimate? with 36/10k?

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Yes please text/call 818-263-0533

What would the payment be for 10k miles?

Please text or call with any questions! 818-263-0533

Howโ€™s that different from 2 posts above? You just added 36 months term to bump your thread? There is an option to edit posts.

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Exactly what i did. There is a direct message option as wellโ€ฆ

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You did not edit the original post to add 36 months, but made a duplicate post to bump. You know exactly what you did. Just because you deleted the first post doesnโ€™t hide your bumping.

Can I add Costco discount?

Volvo C40 deal will be updated for the month of May in the next few days.

Do you think it will be updated for the better or worse?