Volvo coverage plan worth it?

Mind if I get some opinions on if the Volvo Premium Coverage Plan is worth it on a lease? They seem to be running for $1000 or roughly $30 a month. It includes the following:

Even the most cautious drivers encounter a flat tire or damaged wheel along the way. Help safeguard your tires with the Deluxe Coverage Plan. The Deluxe Coverage Plan repairs or replaces tires damaged by road hazards; road surface conditions such as potholes, cracks, breaks and debris on the road surface.

The Plan provides for the replacement of wheels when or if the wheel cannot be balanced, will not hold air, or the damage has affected the structural integrity of the wheel.
Deluxe Coverage does not cover cosmetic damage to tires and wheels.

Includes Deluxe Coverage plus cosmetic damage coverage to an alloy or steel factory wheel.

This is only worth it if you live in an area with Swiss cheese for roads, such as the NYC area. You can also get it a la carte for a lot less from Steingold Volvo.

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Sadly thats exactly were I am driving. I picked up a S60 so the low ground clearance has me worried that I could cause some damage. Thanks for your input!

Honestly, I’m nearly 9 months in with an S60 with 19" wheels, and I’ve hit some really awful holes, and no damage yet (knock on wood). I did hit a bad one in my 2017 S60, so I paid for it separately this time, knowing the road by work have deteriorated.

Lo and behold, 4 days after I answered this, a new, massive pothole appeared on my route. It’s a one-lane road with nowhere to veer. It was somewhere around this point of the road to give you an idea:

My car started to shimmy badly, and I could fee the vibration in my seat and steering wheel. I managed to not damage the tire but after I brought my car to the dealership this morning, it was discovered that I badly bent my rim.

My wheel is $700. My tire is $300. My insurance through Volvo (premium - also covers cosmetic damage) was $699.

Those who debate buying it can do the math. If you’re in the general NYC area, I’d say it’s worth it, because the roads here are getting worse and worse by the day. You should see what I have to navigate through to and from work. If it was legal/safe to take pictures, I would. There are massive holes in the road over and over and there’s a gully running up one side of the road.


I just cracked a wheel on a 2018 XC90. Dealer wanted $950 for the r20 wheel; $265 for the tire. Fun times!


The set of 4 rims and tires is only an $800 upgrade when purchasing.

When I am about to lease, I always price 1 new rim and tire (3rd party / never dealer) and that’s the number I take into the box when they offer wheel & tire. 2 rims and 10 tires in 3 years on my WRX taught me well.


I think it is worth it if you can negotiate down the price. I got the Deluxe coverage on a XC90 for $588.

Deluxe doesn’t cover cosmetic damage. In the NYC area, a pothole can chip the side of the wheel but not affect the function, and deluxe doesn’t cover it.

There’s also a lot of parallel parking and parking attendants in garages that can do a doozy on your wheels (hmm, wonder how I know that one!). The extra $100 for premium is worth it.

That doesn’t mean they’re only $800 for a set. Just $800 more than the stock wheels.

You can shop this around like anything else. Any dealer nation wide can usually sell these types of manufacturer addons.

Of course. My point being they aren’t $1000 more each or it would be loaded into the price.

New/retail/quantity of 1 I’m seeing 18” rims at $405, 19” at $380 (yes $25 cheaper), and 20” at $639 each. If you buy them from a Volvo dealer, Customer Care will send a rebate form.

Stock 18s are $202, 19s are $283 and stock 20s are $271 (shopping same source obvi can vary)

18 -> 19 :: (-100)+(324) = $224 more cost in rims and tires at retail
18 -> 20 :: (936)+(276) = $1212 more cost in tires and rims at retail

Assume whatever rims tires you get need tpms sensors, mount/balance. Only difference is parts cost.

While I’ve got my calculator out: if one of rims and tires costs $910, and I was hypothetically offered tire and wheel in the box for $500, I’d take it. If T&W was $1500 I’d roll the dice.

I’m actually really surprised they’re that cheap from the factory.

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