VinFast VF Series EVs

Apparently these are no where near being production ready. This is going to be disastrous for the company in the US.

You get an honest review…when the reviewer isn’t offered $10,000 and an all expenses paid trip to drive them in Vietnam.


All the reviews I saw from folks who took that trip were not… glowing…

They seemed pretty honest even then. It was a cautionary tale.

At least this is an OTA update.

Did Tesla go through this during their infancy years?

Yup even the roadster was a POS when it first came out. It’s the Model S that made them.

VF-9 “spy pics”! :slight_smile:

It’s actually nice in person… I also saw one at the LA Auto show last year. Very roomy inside too.

This was a tester who let me check it out as I guess there is a service center close by.

If the lease is cheap… I’ll be a guinea pig for 24-36 months. :smiley:

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even if the lease is cheap, I wouldn’t right now until they iron out all the V1 problems. Especially the ride.

I haven’t been keeping track of VF but some time in March a 24-mo VF8 lease was $274 but I think you had to pay $5k DAS.

I might be a “beta tester” on a VF9 for $300/mo $0 DAS. :thinking:


Got an email for CA
36 Month lease

The ~$6k DAS is a non-starter.

If you can lease an EV6 or Ioniq 5 (or even a 3/Y) for less… makes the VF8 less appealing.

Low quality and high prices make this almost DOA. Not sure exactly how this is supposed to capture market. Doesn’t seem like a compelling value.

Honestly they should have just postponed their big press junket instead of going ahead with prototypes that were nowhere near ready.

The hairless kitty told them to go forward or be spraypainted in gold.