VinFast VF Series EVs

Anyone seen these? I kind of felt it interesting the author hypes up VinFast and then goes on to report on absolutely terrible initial issues on a prototype that’s supposed to be launching in the US in the next 6 months. Not exactly where I think they should really be with these vehicles at this point.

The rate at which they pushed out these designs is definitely going to show and their battery leasing structure and priced cars may cause some head scratching.

I like the design of their cars just not sure about their business model and products yet.

@perdana has already driven a unit…

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They’re opening a store in the mall near me (already got a Lucid and Tesla store there), so I’ll be curious to sit in one and see how it compares.

Interesting design choice for the gear selector, it’s almost enough for me to GTFO :rofl:

GM products have very similar design coming, like buick envision or chevy bolt.

Honda/Acura has been using push button gear selectors for years.

The article says that initially, the car will be sold without the rechargeable batteries, which will be leased. I wonder who will qualify for the Federal Tax credit - the buyer of the car, or the lessor of the batteries.

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They should call this car brand Confusion.

I don’t think it’s going to do well in the US with their initial strategy. I just don’t know who will pay almost 50k for a car, plus battery lease for a startup Vietnamese EV company.

I don’t mind the push button idea but those standing dominoes look kind of funny.

I was tempted a few weeks ago to put a deposit down but their 0-60 times are just too slow. I don’t get it. And no front instrument cluster just killed it for me.

Seems to be low interest on these for leasehackr, I’ve been a reservation holder since Day 2, $200 refundable, we shall see. With this battery leasing subscription, I’ll be interested to see what their lease deal is, maybe even a car subscription, saw one at NYIAS, it was decent.

I think the battery leasing model will catch on quickly across other brands. If you take the cost of the battery out – sell cars that other brands are getting 20k more for, and lease the battery for $110 a month with a forever warranty people will come. People shop on payment and this combo lowers overall cost.

Hyundai is also looking at this model for future cars.

Perhaps this is something Walmart could private label.

I don’t like the battery rental idea. Too John Deer esque. What if you drive in a way they say damages the battery, what are your options, buy a battery?

You’re paying 30-50k for a car (but rebates, and speaking of that, if the car doesn’t come with a battery do you get the FEV credit? Isn’t that usually pegged on range and battery size?), then 35 a month for 300 miles of range a month.

I don’t think the battery leasing idea is a good one. It’s already a 40k+ BEV and there’s plenty of competition in that price range with similar performance from established manufacturers in the states and no additional complications.

I don’t really see this as reducing the cost of ownership by removing the battery cost… you’re still paying for the battery, you just don’t keep it.

Vinfast released pricing without battery lease

Vf8 starts at $57,000
VF9 starts at $76,000

Not amazing

Says that is WITH (Inclusive) battery. Still, not amazing. $42,200 with battery sub @ $169/mo.

edit: ah, I read your post in a different way. lol

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WTF are they smoking? Completely unknown company & brand… from a country with, lets just say, not the most positive connotations for Americans…

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Oooooffff starting off brand new priced above the competition that’s been here for a while? Not a good look.


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