VinFast VF Series EVs

Seems like they have deep pockets or deep connections.

I read the VinGroup of companies has a ton of stuff going on in Vietnam so they might have more resources than other EV startups but they need to be more competitive in performance, features and pricing to keep going.

They are building an NC plant but we will see how it goes because other struggling (or dead) EV makers also had a US presence.

While this looks bad, it’s based on May Data, which has almost no cars released.

Sad that the VF8 is doing better than the CX30.

You mean MX50 and who wants an SUV that goes 99 miles?


Doesn’t matter what resources they have, their current strategy is dead in the water. Sooner they realize that, sooner they can try to salvage it.

Typo… isn’t it MX30?

A 100mi EV is okay… if it costs $20k. :slight_smile:

Vinfast Market Cap is 95B…I’m wondering if we have another Carvana in the making


My local dealer keeps the detailer busy with the lot full :sweat_smile:

A bunch of Vietnamese investors now know how the Trump campaign felt when they found out that they won. Never underestimate the stupidity of meme stock crowd

Is it the meme stock crowd that’s pushing Vinfast? The meme crowd seems to be oblivious to the brand… I wonder if it’s speculation on the stock market similar to the forces that pushed Tesla up and above everyone else. Not because they provided a good quality product, but because there was the belief that a rich “industry disruptor” was inherently changing things up and rocking the boat. Are we now seeing the residual FOMO effects? An entire speculative market that wants to get in on the ground floor of the next Tesla?

Looking at the US car buying market and then the quality of product Vinfast is pushing… it’s gotta be pure speculation from folks who don’t look beneath the surface. I do not see Americans buying Vinfast over comparatively priced competition.

I read an article that said a famed short seller called it a meme stock which caused the stocks to tumble 40%. Not sure if that’s the main cause, but it’s definitely a very volatile stock that is currently overvalued IMHO. I’m not an expert in the industry, but I’m passionate about EVs.

I love Rivian and Lucid, and I hope that they can find a way to succeed despite their current rate of cash burn. Fisker doesn’t have a great history, but they’re ramping up slowly; my only problem with them is they seem to be changing direction quite frequently, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing with EVs evolving so quickly. I haven’t seen one in person yet, but they get pretty good reviews from the press and enthusiasts.

But Vinfast… I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the car. It seems like their IPO was purely a cash grab from the initial investors, especially the CEO.

Someone has to pay for that private island.

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That company is a spin boss. They got the best talking heads in the game to stake their reputation to push VF on the masses. The whole team at Lean designs/Munro live went apeshit about how AMAZING THIS PRODUCT IS, and how shitty every legacy OEM was…

His whole advertisement youtube videos etc etc aged like milk. Havent heard a peep about that company since.

Just for a Meme,

Another Vinfast tries to do the Goldie Wilson hover mode and fails miserably