UPDATED Tacoma SR Double Cab 4x4 $166/mo $0 DAS 🌮

UPDATE, they were slow to get me to resign for some things they forgot to put on contract, so they also paid the second payment, was worried they would dock it from my rebate check, got the check today and it was for the full amount, $1250 so I’ve updated the payment to reflect that

Signed this last month, didn’t post until now because I knew the contract was screwed up, just resigned the fixed one(wanted to make sure it was going to stick). Actual payment is $208(x38) and the rebate of $1250 is coming back to me as a check, so it works out to $171 with tax. The deal wouldn’t have worked if the rebate was rolled in(residual less than cap cost). Thanks to @Jrouleau426, I did contact him and he was straight forward on the pricing but didn’t have any SR’s and by the time and went out there or shipped it, it was going to be allot higher. So why not try my hand at a local deal! Actual selling price was $30,193, it shows higher on the calculator because they rolled the first payment in, hence sign and drive.

In Colorado we get killed on plates so I didn’t care about the longer term, I’d rather have a cheaper plate on year 3 than do a 24 or 27 mo. I also won’t have to worry about an extra year registration on 39mo because between the 60 day temp upfront and 30 day grace period on the end I won’t have to pay plates for year 4. Residual on 39 was the same or higher than 36, can’t remember exactly. Can’t replicate now because the rate went from 5.9 to standard 8.89 and I think the residual dropped a point, looks like US Bank is the one for this month.

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2020 Toyota :taco: SR Double Cab 4x4
MSRP: $33683
Monthly Payment: $166
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF:.00245(5.9%APR) Ally
Residual:$29,641(88%) That’s just silly
Leasehackr Score:17.2
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


I was never a truck guy, but at this payment, why the heck not?


Great deal! Congratulations and enjoy!!

It’s the Bolt :taco: combo, perfect for Colorado, the commuter friendly city car and the mountain tough :taco:, with plenty of miles to spare!


These residuals are freaking unreal.

The people buying these things need their heads checked. I’m not sure how they’ll sell it on the back end and not be underwater, might eat into their rate a little.

Short ally and usbank? You know they have some funky accounting to make this work…


If money wasn’t so cheap, none of this would work.


This is some legit life hacking :heart_eyes:

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Colorado is great for these 27 or 39 mo terms


Now that’s lease hacking! I didn’t even think of that. Thanks, Colorado friend.

Did you go with the 4 cylinder or the v6? Nice work.

4x4 only comes in V6

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An N/A 4-cylinder at altitude pushing 4 tons?

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Nice…do they have this in a M/T?

Not sure, honestly the manual seems like a loser. Less mpg’s and probably makes the adaptive cruise kind of worthless. I like manuals but I’m not given up mpg’s for it and the adaptive cruise is legit

I like the adaptive cruise as well but I already have one with it. Im just looking for a cheap MT car. Those are so hard to find 🤦

Well I don’t think it would make much difference on the monthly.

Probably not but trying not to go above $200/month…

Can’t find any good MT deals under $200…

It’s either that or Bolts or EVs lol (crushing all my dreams of MT)

Well I was at $171 with tax, sign and drive. Looks like US Bank is even better than this month on 24mo