UPDATED Tacoma SR Double Cab 4x4 $166/mo $0 DAS 🌮

Yeah great deal and that’s what got me interested…

Bolt/Taco combo for under $400/month is RIDIC! Very nice deals

Yes, it was! It was 85% on 24/10k! Can you believe that??

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Which toyota dealer did you use?? Do all colorado dealers use/have access to usbank??

PM’d you :taco:

Unbelievable, my local dealers are at 2x what you are paying. Congrats!

How do u find what usbanks residual and mf are on certain mileage and models for the month??

You don’t, dealer’s have that info, so go off what’s posted here or inquire with dealers and see what they tell you.

Ok , thanks

What an awesome deal. Gives me hope to get something close (I am in MD).

Not with your state tax tags/fees…

Does state really effect these numbers this much though?

for states that tax msrp, purchase price. Yes

Texas, Maryland, virginia


Big time, some states tax you on the purchase price while other are just the payment, and then some are on the payment upfront(so pay upfront or pay interest on it)

Goodness, I freaking love your truck!
Now, I want to lease one!

It’s not doing much now, no skiing :disappointed_relieved:

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Yes you are right about the taxing on the whole price of car, instead of use use/depreciation portion only. That is why I might register or do the deal in NJ.

So your saying some states that tax high can change payment by like what 100 a month or we talking like 20

I thought that was clear enough, so like I said, some tax you on the purchase price, that’s allot higher than just the payment

Read up some more

What was the rebate that got you back some money?