2020 Bolt LT deal signed $185/mo

Been going back and forth since Saturday and this is the best so far, doc fee of $599 rolled into the price. Comes out to $185/mo with just first DAS. Deal signed today. Rebates are

Dealer Cash $2500
Lease Cash $7250
Conquest $500
GM Card $1000
GM earnings $153

forgot to add, this includes supplier/educator discount

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2020 Chevy Bolt LT
MSRP: $38875
Discount pre incentive $3888
Monthly Payment: $185
Drive-Off Amount: $170
Annual Mileage:12000
Leasehackr Score:16.9
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Shouldn’t one pay make it cheaper?

So with the $2k CO credit and gas savings you are right under $100 net…which was your target. Pretty solid deal.

For sure, that’s an option

Yeah forgot to add that, $2k tax credit end of the year for taxes

Is the GM Card a dealer added bonus? If so, how do you qualify for that?

It is the GM credit card bonus. Need to be previous card holder.

Really solid. Good advice on making them take the $2500 off the selling price instead of a rebate… oh wait I learned that from you! Enjoy the Bolt, it is really fun to drive.

Edit: that was @ElectricEliminator that taught me that. Getting my trusted Bolt hackers confused

Post updated with final numbers

I was worried that this thing would only be a commuter car and not that usable in the mountains. Took it on a round trip up to the ski hill(winter park)70 miles each way, left on a full charge and when I got home it still had had 125 miles left. It also sat in sub 20 degree temps for 3 hrs. If you do venture further in the mountains there’s a dc quick charge in Frisco. Played it conservative on the hvac and didn’t go blazing up the hills.


Told you not to listen to internet trolls…for some reason i see alot of people that have nothing to do with evs and know nothing about but still think their opinion should be valued as much as ones that actually has experienced evs…it actually extends to pretty much everything these days.

I’m cheap and willing try things that have low risk, ha! I consider $185/mo low risk. Just waiting for my L2 charger to arrive, luckily I already have a 220 outlet in the garage


That’s exactly how I started…against the recommendation of everyone around me. Math doesn’t lie…my net monthly for both cars combined is $202.

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Now my issue is I’ll run out of miles, but I’m sure I can figure that out.

Problem solved

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