Trying to understand the ins and outs of BMW incentives

There’s so many BMW incentives and rules about what applies to what that my head is spinning. Maybe there’s a cheat sheet for all these? There’s probably a bunch I’m missing here, and/or could be completely wrong?:

New BMWs with < 300 miles

  • Lease Credit
  • Loyalty OR Conquest
  • USAA OR Costco OR Corporate/Fleet
  • OL Codes
  • College Grad
  • BMWCCA (now stackable with fleet)

Loaners/Demos with < 5000 miles

  • Lease Credit
  • Loyalty OR Conquest
  • USAA OR Costco OR Corporate/Fleet (as of July 2018)
  • OL Codes (Conflicting info but appears to be stackable starting July 2018)
  • College Grad

Loaners/Demos with > 5000 miles

  • Lease Credit
  • Loyalty OR Conquest?

Any others I’m missing here? Maybe some of these aren’t stackable? Also does anybody know if the loaner residual policy is still the same reduction of 4% and 6% for 5,000 - 7499 miles, and 7500 - 10k miles respectively?


Loaners/Demos with < 5000 miles

OL Codes? Nope, definitely not.

Loaner residual policy is still the same afaik. There was some thread (use the search) about an imminent change in July but apparently that didn’t really happen.

Ok thanks, updated. Wasn’t sure if that was one of the changes this month.

The change in loaner policy was being able to add fleet to loaners with less than 5k. Not as exciting as the post you referenced made it seem, but a positive change nonetheless.

Neither of these apply on a loaner with > 5k

I’m also hearing that you now combine Fleet and CCA. Can anyone confirm?

Damn, demos over 5k really get hosed then between absolutely no incentives and the mileage tax + residual drop.

You have to shoot for a 30% discount. Admittedly, it’s rare to score a lease deal on one of those, but it has been done at least a couple times here.

It has now been confirmed BMW CCA and fleet can be combined as of July 5th if you want to update the OP

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Ok thanks, just updated it. I’m guessing that’s not applicable to loaners/demos at all still though right?

OL codes can be used for loaners under 5k miles, THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED

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Sweet! Can it be stacked with Fleet/USAA?

Sadly no :cry: 202020

Lol, OL can be stacked with fleet on a loaner provided it is under 5k according to what @GAngellBMW told me yesterday.

And I thought GM rebates were tough to keep track of

Oh yeah?! Well @nyclife told me you can’t!

BMW really screwed the pooch with this rollout

Someone needs to make a flow chart.

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@joeblogs @mp11477 @Siejammy @nyclife


Updating, thanks man! That is until somebody chimes in with some other new update tomorrow.

@mp11477 it’s tearing us apart!

@GAngellBMW that is awesome thank you. Does that grid hold true for new models too?

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