Trophy Garage [ Photos ]


Can you guys do me a huge favor and also include what you paid $DAS? Trying to follow the correct formatting that @michael has for the insta. Thank you!

Or better yet- thank you for those who provided a link to your deal!


A dealer actually had a manual as a service loaner??


Very rare, my dealer had/has one too, and I’m always trying to get it but apparently it’s snatched up pretty quickly!


Yeah, I can’t believe that! Crazy


Dont mean to be rude but you can actually see the farts on that BMW loaner driver’s seat.


Thankfully mine has the black interior, :mask:

BMW SoCal / San Diego Lease Deals! Updated 03/15/2019 (Former 330e Lunar New Year Lease Special Thread)

There’s no farts on that seat , it’s a Manuel so those are racer farts with a short shifting smooth experience


2019 Subaru Outback 2.5i
MSRP: $27,447
Monthly Payment: $200.91(including 9.25% tax)
DAS: $683


Nice deal! Can you PM me dealer info?


Sure! But this dealer is out of base outback and won’t get any until next month. So might want to try other dealer see if they will offer the same number


2019 Toyota Highlander SE Nightshade edition
MSRP: $45,213
Monthly Payment: $442.08 (including 10.6% tax)
DAS: $542.08


I wonder if I could get this in CA with a 3 in front of the monthly.


Jeez for $3,542, I’d want something less pedestrian.