Toyota Dealers without Markups

Anyone care to share which Toyota Dealers aren’t doing markups or “dealer fees” ?

Here’s my short list:

  • Fred Haas Toyota (Houston-TX)
  • Modern Toyota (Winston Salem-NC)
  • Earl Stewart Toyota (West Palm-FL)
  • Venice Toyota (Venice, FL)

I know I’m missing a bunch!


So those dealers aren’t doing any markups on every single new Toyota model? I highly doubt that in this market.


I have yet to find a non-marked up Taco 4x4 v6


Florida dealer with no dealer fees? True unicorn


I’ll add some CA ones if people need:

  • One Toyota of Oakland (Oakland, CA)
  • Freeman Toyota (Santa Rosa, CA)
  • Autonation Toyota of Hayward (Hayward, CA) [They do have add dealer adds like tinting and PPF though]

I am not doing markups for LH customers


Wilde Toyota Milwaukee, WI

My dealer sold me my Tacoma at MSRP in September and are still selling at MSRP when I asked about stock on the GR86.

Who is it ?

AutoNation Toyota Leesburg (Leesburg, VA)

When I bought my 4Runner 2 weeks ago they told me they aren’t doing any markups. 4Runner was purchased at MSRP. I do have prior purchase history, but I didn’t see any ADM window stickers across the lot.

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Longo Toyota, CA

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Anything in the Tristate area or New England area?

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  • Fred Haas Toyota (Houston-TX) NICE. great dealer also.

Just got 3 2022 Tundras at sticker!


I got a discount on the Tacoma I bought in September. TRD Off-Road 4x4 V6. Dealer was Toyota of Gastonia, NC. I don’t believe they have any markups, and units are typically spoken for before arrival.


Wills Toyota in Twin Falls, Idaho. They are selling at MSRP and have a low doc fee.

I’ve been working with Dean Montoya on a RAV4 and Highlander.

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Very vague thread. It’s all model dependent. Highly doubt they’re selling hard to get hybrids at msrp. If they are the mf will be marked up and they will likely have a bunch of dealer add-ons.

With that said inventory is getting better and hope to be back to msrp and below in early 2022


Toyota of Newnan, GA.

Think you will have the Tundra train running again by end of first or start of second quarter 2022? Your dealer must have a good amount of allocation with the insane amount of Toyota truck metal you moved for them over the last couple of years.


AutoNation Toyota (Las Vegas, NV).

Of course, they don’t have inventory and all the other 3 dealers I talked to are marking up from $1.5k to $5k for Tacos. I’m waiting for my chance with AutoNation as they don’t take deposits or orders.