Toyota Dealers without Markups

Sunnyvale Toyota(SF Bay Area) is one of them… but required a $500 security deposit…

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I’ll check with the dealer if they are ok if I share their name.

We do and that’s what I’m pushing. We will have the highest allocation based on last year and the owner wants to keep that up. But for now and prob next few months they will be a little marked up.

This is all speculation. Too many variables to know for aure

Thanks need something by end of April and leaning truck as this point for a multitude of reasons. The new Tundra looks like an option. The old one was too much of a dinosaur for me to be happy DD’ing.

So how much money %-wise are we leaving on the table buying these new Tundras at MSRP ?

I’ve never paid anything near MSRP but I’m in a timing situation and have to get one now.

I don’t foresee any dealers needing to do under MSRP on a 2022 Tundra for a long time.


Just wanted to clarify, I will be doing a mark up on Tundra because of the demand, everything else, I am not doing markups

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Yeh I’m debating grabbing the 1794 in army green I just got allocated for sticker

I just can’t recall how the demand usually is for that trim

Also, the new pro engine has me intrigued!

So you mean now the Pro trim will not just be badges and different grills?!?!? LOL

Lolol… different exhaust too, c’mon now!

longo toyota prosper

I’m gonna get a loaded sr5 when the time is right. They have the softex leather and the upgraded screen. Only thing it would be missing is the pano roof which is awesome with all the windows down. It’s basically a convertible truck! So limited might be the better play

Toyota doesn’t send you one for being their top salesman in 2021?


I must say your dealer made a good decision with selling so much cars for cheap, now he has probably the biggest allocation in his region and he reaps the profits.


He does. His dealer is #1 in the NW region, I think


I wouldn’t be paying msrp for one but I also won’t be getting the 10% off I want! Haha

I’m not in a rush. My 21 army sport is still good for now.

Mike, You have any XLE Highlanders available at MSRP or close. Prefer Red.

My dealer asked not to be publicly named because of issues they encountered last time I shared the store’s name.

Any in the San Antonio area? Any Lexus dealerships?