If you had to get a car today…

If I had to get a car today, I would get one that would immediately have positive equity and then, after a few months, sale for a profit. So maybe the 4XE.

In today’s market, do any other vehicle leases come to mind that are known to have positive equity?

The question of “If I had to get a car today” assumes the person needs a car on an ongoing basis.

The question of what to flip is a different question.


FYI, If you notice the dialogue on this particular channel, much of chatter has strayed from the “if you had to get a car…” question…Just sayin’

…but yes, my question is probably best left for another channel :+1:

You should start a separate topic, cause I’m also curious on this.

Welp, I purchased a Chevy Trailblazer for the wifey on Sunday. So I guess that would be the car if needed today. :slight_smile: It wasn’t my first choice. In fact I would not have bought a car like this at all, if not for the shortage. Based on getting it at MSRP, and a 0/48 loan it was a no brainer. Everyone’s situation is different, but for me, this works. We will own it and 4 years, and then hand it off to one of the kids to destroy. Maximum utility. :rofl:


I am thinking similarly. I have a '16 MDX and a '21 Volvo S60 recharge. If I had to replace the S60 today (or in the next few months), the EV6 at sticker is the clear choice (even over a 22 S60 recharge with upgraded power and range). If I had to replace the MDX, there would be two choices: MDX Type S Advance and GV80 though unlike me, my wife is irrationally biased against hyundai products so really one choice.

Same problem her on the GV80.

What’s the appeal of the EV6? I’ve seen people talk about it, but I don’t get it. Is it the price point?

Arguably the best EV value in the market specifically for the Wind AWD trim at $52k:

  • 274 mile range (beats the Ioniq5/ID4 by about 10%)
  • 4.6 second 0-60 time
  • Heat pump (big deal if you live in somewhere cold, not available in ID4 or MachE)
  • Heated steering wheel/seats, cooled seats (not available in ID4 or MachE or Model 3/Y)
  • Premium audio
  • Full suite of active safety tech
  • $7.5k federal tax credit eligibility (beats the Model 3/Y obviously, soon Ford will lose eligibility too)

The reviews are super positive too. Apparently it rides better than Tesla/MachE while it handles better than the ID4/Ioniq5.


who’s selling EV6’s at MSRP? they’ve been getting marked up higher than the Ioniq5 here.

I have 5 Colorado dealers all offering it at MSRP with inbound units arriving in about a month and 3-6 month delivery for custom orders. Ioniq 5s are also available at MSRP at 3 dealers so far, if you are ok with waiting for incoming stock or custom order. I am sure once in-stock most, if not all, dealers will mark them up but that seems to be the case for most new cars…

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I’ve been lucky/skillful with most of my recent car purchases and leases, but have no idea what to do now.

Previous ‘deals’ include:

  • Getting paid (after incentives a negative purchase price) to buy a 2015 smart electric, selling it for several thousand a couple years later.

  • Getting a $64/mo. lease with $0 DAS on a 2016 Chevy Cruze, and something similar on a 2015 Spark EV back in the ‘glory days’.

  • Buying a new 2020 Bolt in 2021 with inflated value on the trade-in (made money on that one, too), for about $23k, getting it recalled a few months later, getting a free rental car for 6 months, swapped into a new 2022 EUV Premier for $52 additional, then immediately selling that car for over the $39k MSRP.

I dumped the Bolt EUV because I’d rather have the cash than the car, and I’m in the process of moving from WA to CA. WA doesn’t charge sales tax on EV’s, so I’d have a monster registration fee due in CA, and would also forgo the CA state EV incentives. I could buy my old car back (a 2020 Bolt) and still have $15k in my pocket, even in this market.

To a certain extent, I don’t care too much what I drive (I’ve owned everything from a Mitsubishi Mirage to a VW Phaeton to a 7 Series to the aforementioned EV’s). As of this moment, I don’t own a car (just sold the Bolt), and will be looking for something in the coming weeks/months.

The market is beyond bonkers now, with 8 year old shitcans selling for 80% of their price when new at GSA auctions, 2-3 year old ones selling for more than new, and having to beg a dealer to only pay MSRP on a car is…something.

What are your thoughts on buying vs. leasing, renting a car when we need it for the day (tenable for us for awhile), and what cars may be unloved and flying under the radar in this market? Will it cost me less to beg a dealer to buy a Corolla Hybrid at MSRP, buy a monstrously overpriced used car, lease a (insert vehicle here with high retained value) for Y months, or other?

In other words, from a purely financial sense, what is the least stupid move in this market?


Probably the leaf


if you can find any in stock. At MSRP

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Can you DM me the Col dealers at MSRP? I dont mind taking a drive out there to get them at MSRP

There are no in-stock units of EV6 at MSRP. If you put down a deposit and order one, there are multiple CO dealers selling at MSRP but wait times are long (up to 6 months was the last I heard)…

Order a 4xe from @Clutch

If you don’t want to wait, get a Toyota at MSRP. They hold their value so well you can’t go wrong. I’ve flipped 3 of them in the last year. But even if you’re keeping the vehicle you’ll stay ahead in the long term. I recommend a 4Runner. Ancient at this point but they hold their value like you wouldn’t believe.

If you’re still in WA, pm me for Toyota dealer that sells at MSRP


I’m moving to CA, but agree with the sentiment (Toyota at MSRP).

I should note that the 40kw Leaf isn’t enough range for me (moving to a mountain). The Plus would be just fine, but the lease deals aren’t great on those.

Where can i find a Toyota at MSRP? Serious question, I’m overwhelmed trying to figure this out

This thread would be a start

Depending on your location there could be a broker you can work with as well