The Audi e-tron GT Discussion Thread

Same experience here.
Called to find out and was given the same answer… I would definitely extend if it was the one pay divided 12 but it doesn’t seem like that’ll happen.

What happens to the residual bump we got for signing up for Audi care.

I have a one pay so if Audi care is cancelled and refunded, how does the one pay get affected?

Can you share what phone #

They can’t go back and alter the contract after it’s funded so i guess it’s their loss our gain

+1 what i’m planning to do as well but but hesitant that the bank will come for the lost residual money if i cancel audi care

Which clause in your lease agreement allows AFS to do this?

I’m curious what you guys are getting for charging speeds… I had severely limited charging speeds until my recent service appointment.

I’m going to go to an EA in about an hour - will post what I get.

just charged my RS, started at 10% and it held 90kw from start to finish, 150kw station though.

This was a few days ago


I’m jealous, took me 60 mins 10-100%

Well don’t be - I’m back to suckville

This definitely has something to do with battery temp - when I drive it hard in dynamic I’m getting the best charging speeds.

This was a short trip and my car sat for 30-40 minutes prior to me plugging in.

I read somewhere if you use the Audi Nav to set destination to HPC charger it pre-conditions your batteries - tesla came up with it earlier due to poor battery temperature control in cold weather.

your experience kinda lines up with dynamic mode using more power - and “warm up” :thinking: not sure if that’s the word for batteries - before getting good speeds

I tried it for the first time - where i preconditioned via sat nav - on a 7Eleven 150kwh charger from 83% to 98% took around 15 minutes or so

again i had to do a long distance drive, pulled into a evconnect 120kwh this time NO pre-condition or set the Audi Nav to HPC - took 27 minutes 76% to 89%

  1. Predictive preconditioning

In order to be able to use the Audi e-tron GT’s2 high HPC charging capacity of up to 270 kW, the high-voltage battery needs to be at a particular temperature. This is achieved by means of adapted preconditioning of the battery while driving. When an HPC charging station is entered as the destination in the e-tron route planner, an algorithm calculate the anticipated arrival time and deduces the necessary heating or cooling capacity from that in order to be able to access high charging capacity at the charging station right away for short idle time. If the customer wishes, the interior temperature is also correspondingly regulated.

above :point_up_2: from Electromobility in winter: Intelligent functions optimize range and charging performance | Audi MediaCenter


Been doing that since I’ve had it… It does nothing lol

yikes time for dealer trip - i have gone like thrice for the right side charging port just giving up :person_shrugging:

charging is an issue along with other issues

Lmk if this works out. I’d take the free monthly payment.

fyi check with your dealer for Service Action 93R3 for 220v/240v charging cable and software update for the vehicle

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What happens when I plug two EA chargers into my car at the same time?

I always wondered this too. Do I get double the “speed” lol

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