That is not how this place works! (c) 28firefighter


This has become a motto of LH, so here you go - for all new users:

PLEASE HELP! You guys are amazing!
Lexus NX... Good deal?
Malibu 2018 good lease deal in NJ?
Prices on the following
Looking for a minivan lease in MD
Bmw x3 4.0 and BMW X5 5.0
First Post, Sorry if it's in the wrong place. I'm looking for a Infiniti Q50 Red Sport w/ Pro Active Tech. Lease in MD
Looking for A SUV in NJ any brands
Lease help with either of these Coupes MB C300, Audi S5 or Infinity Q60 Red sport
2018 Mini Cooper Clubman S
Any Incentive, discounts rebates on Audi S5 sportback
Looking at Leasing QX60 2019
Range Rover evogue lease deals
Acura TLX specials
Any 24 months lease - 0 down lease in North Carolina?
Any Jeep deals for August/September? SoCal
Lets see those Tahoe LT deals
Mb GLE 350 4Matic needed
Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE
Show me the deals! Need a 7/8 passenger SUV comparable to Durango Citadel $475 or less
2019 Kia Stinger GT1 Lease SoCal
1st-Time Lease of MiniVan (March 2019)
2019 RAV4 XLE/XSE Hybrid
Longhorn Dodge 1500
2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport - lease prices?
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I’M FAMOUS! Do I need an agent now?


Does anyone else feel like there’s a HUGE amount of these type of posts recently, compared to even a few months ago? People just joining and posting in the megathreads asking to be given deals, or just creating new topics to be given deals.


I’ll be your agent for $2000/mo. 24mo/10,000 words. $5000 down.


Not sure about everyone else but I actually came upon this place from an article written sometime after the new year. I wonder if more people are including this place as reference material when they write about leasing?

I remember seeing a very popular Reddit post reference LeaseHackr too recently.

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i’ve also seen links to the very usable LH “calculator” on the edmunds sites…could be drawing traffic here


I think a lot of people just came from slickdeals for the encore lease


How can I post?

Im trying to make a post?

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“if cars kept getting cheaper, they’d be free by now”


Sikesssss lol 202020202

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I’m new here but have seen this happen on other forums I belong to (for various hobbies) and the new members just look for the easy answer to what they need, hijack threads, etc.


If this is pinned to the top for new users, I feel it should primarily encourage them to read and learn. Maybe even include some helpful links in the original post. Surely we were all in those shoes once (I certainly was).

Otherwise it just reads like a flat directive to hire a broker. Which was probably not the intent of the original comment and certainly isn’t the ethos of this site. @28firefighter



Sure, you can unpin and/or edit original post/title any way you see fit.
P.S. I don’t see it as directive to hire a broker (it was not the intent), but rather letting them know to do research before posting.


Agree was not the intent. The context was someone asking for someone to contact them, so I was simply saying it doesn’t work that way.

Happy to help compile useful links/quotes from threads.


Seems I can reply to post but I can’t post a new lease deal I found. Can someone help?


You have to browse/read/interact with a certain number of posts/threads before you’ll get the option to post.


Contacted 3 brokers here none ever displayed the slightest interest in an easy deal. So that’s a lame answer.

I understand the frustration with people who don’t do any homework but brokers are not the answer.


If it’s an easy deal then why not do it on your own? But I’m sure there is a reason why none of the brokers responded. No one will turn down easy money from an easy deal.