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No it is because they are unresponsive and unreliable. People don’t have time for service providers who don’t provide good service. It is not that difficult to send an email saying “no thanks” or “I’m jammed up I’ll get back to you”.


@chevysalesgirl @Cody_Carter @rubbergash are dealers who responded quickly and to the point with my questions/request. I haven’t leased yet because I’m about to move from NY to SoCal but they’re the front runners!

Velar lease pricing

What exactly defines an “easy deal?”


I have the same issue! What’s the point of this forum if users can’t make a new post?!?


I am sure if they can do your deal, they would have responded. Not responding could mean they can’t match your offer.


If I missed your sarcasm, it is one way to deter bot to spam a forum. Rules here are already on the relax side, I have seen much tighter rules. The blame should be to those who general spams


Ok, that makes total sense! Maybe include a sentence or two about a “waiting period” in the sign-up confirmation email. That way people don’t think it’s user error. I went from mobil to my latptop as I thought it was my error that I couldn’t figure out how to write a post. Thanks again for the quick feedback.


Hello, I have not seen where I can facilitate a new post…?
How can I start my own topic?


From the banner at the top of the page:
“This forum implements an anti-spam feature that requires newly registered members to read a handful of posts before posting.”

You need to read and contribute to some existing threads before you can make your own. Use this time to try and search to find the answers you’re looking for.


Ok thanks. I actually deleted that banner… So what steps do I have to do just search & make a few quality post?


I have a question when you guys go to deal on a lease do you try and negotiate by payment of the actual cap cost of the vehicle,
(From I am reading you can not change the Money Factor or the Residual correct?)


Some dealers may increase the money factor to make additional profit, so I would not conclude that it’s not negotiable. MF will vary by credit score and model. You can get the MF and RV through asking on Edmunds dot com. RV will depend on miles, credit, and model. For some models, the higher the trim level, the lower the RV for a given mileage. Math-wise, depreciation (net cap cost minus residual) has the highest impact on monthly payment. The best deals seem to have a high MSRP and high RV resulting in low cap cost and low depreciation.


Thats exactly why new members sign up - help to get best lease deal possible ?

Gmc Sierra SLT Crew Cab 4x4 lease deals

Thank you I had the same question. I am interested in leasing but trying to learn as much as possible before going into a dealership.


how do i post a question on the forum?


New to this forum. I am learning so much, perhaps I could have done better if I new about it long time ago. Leased a vehicle every 2 years on average over the past 18 years. I thing that I have noticed is that MF, atleast in my case, are never negotiable. i have tried time and time again, but with no success. i also tried to negotiate the amount at the end of the lease if you choose to purchase the vehicle. You are dead on of what impacts the most the monthly payment. great thread. thank you for posting


If they are already giving you the buy rate MF, then yes, it is not negotiable. However, many dealerships will mark up the MF, in which case it is an item that could be negotiated. The cost at the end of lease if you choose to purchase the vehicle (aka the residual value) is set by the bank and cannot be negotiated.


I was not aware about the buy rate. Again this is why I love tom learn here.


Yep leasing is so much different than buying … I’m learning a lot thanks to the awesome people on this forum…


I think one of my favorite things I heard on this forum was “what’s your standard markup from buy rate”, throw that one at them next time.