2018 Mini Cooper Clubman S


Hey All,

I am looking to lease a mini clubman s in Orlando.
Can anyone recommend an honest dealer who can give me a fair price for a lease?

I am willing to drive anywhere in Florida/Georgia/South Carolina to pick it up.

What is the current RV/MF for the clubman? I calculated 65% on the mini site, is this right?



Sorry about that!
How about knowing what the current Residual Value and Money Factor is?


Google “Mini Cooper MF” and one of the first few links should be to an Edmunds thread. Post the trim you want, location, and lease terms. They should get back to you with tier 1 credit MF and RV within a day.


Great intel – much appreciated.

We closed the following deal on Sunday from Chris Lee at East Bay Mini, which I think is fair. He was great to work with, did all negotiating via email, and had the car ready for paperwork and pickup on Sunday morning so we could drive it back down to LA the same day.

Settled on a 2018 Mini Cooper S (Hardtop, 2-Door). Love the feel, quality, and performance of it, like you mentioned – it really does feel like a “premium” product compared to most other cars at this price point.

36/10k, true $0 drive-off, absolutely $0 due at signing. Photos to come!

MSRP: 31,510.00
Dealer Discount: 2,000.00
2018 In-Stock Allowance: 2,000.00
SELLING PRICE: 27,510.00

Lease Cash: 1,500.00
College Grad: 500.00
BMWFS Loyalty: 500.00

LoJack: 495.00 (still not thrilled about this, but already installed on the car and discounted from 795.00)

Dealer Doc Fee: 80.00
CA Registration: 394.00
TOTAL FEES: 474.00

Term: 36 months
Mileage: 10k / year
Residual: 65%
MF: .00156 (base/buy rate)

FINAL PAYMENT: $267.10 + tax, $0 due at signing

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Does BMW loyalty apply to MINI leases?


Yes, Mini is a subsidiary of BMW.