Texas Sized Deal on Buick Encore - as low as $75/mo equivalent on 24/10 One Pay 🔥

EDIT: This deal expires Monday April 2. Depending on the rebates for next month, something similar might still be possible. The $3k conquest rebate being the key factor to watch for…if that goes bye, bye, then it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

If you are eligible for Conquest (own/lease a 1999 or newer non-GM vehicle), I have worked out the following payments with dealer in Texas. He has honored for it for a bunch of my family and friends. The One Pay deal is a bit more complicated than the usual deal, due to negative depreciation issues. But I have it all worked out with the finance guy how to do it with cash back at closing.

I have sent him so many deals that he has offered to pay me a small referral fee ($100) for each person I connect with them. PM me if interested so I can make the introduction, and make sure you get the no hassle deal already worked out with the sales guy. If you send me your email, and term/miles you want, I can send you PDF that you can take to dealer with the deal all spelled out, so you can make sure the numbers match in the finance office.

24/10K $87/mo One Pay $1806 (75/mo)
24/12K $97mo One Pay $2015 ($84/mo)
24/15K $107/mo One Pay $2223 ($92/mo)

No idea how long this deal will be available, but for Texas, with zero down and those payments, it is about as good as it gets.
I know the conquest rebate is only good thru 4/2.

Below is the calcs from my lease spreadsheet for the 24/10 deal.
And yes. I know the MF is jacked up, but still an awesome deal despite that.
Dealer initially told me “Good Luck in your car search” when I demanded non-marked up rate.
So it became a forest for the trees thing…


Solid. Though I’m not sure it’s wise to list the dealer because they might get annoyed pretty quickly if they get a hundred calls daily for the next 2 weeks for this (unless they asked you to list them).


17% off is very deep on an Encore. He’s gotta be chasing a volume bonus. Great deal!


Agreed. They’re about to get hounded on those phone lines

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Took your advice and edited…

I looked at my mom’s deal who got one yesterday. I think they have some Flex Cash available that they are using to get to the 4335 off, Because the actual paperwork shows the rebates at 8650 instead of 6650. But dealer did not break out the rebates, just a lump sum. So actual dealer discount appears to be a more reasonable 2335.

In any event, it is a freaking .3 deal after tax in TEXAS (tax on full sales price) on the 24/10, however they got there.

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Any idea if possible to ship it to southern CA? If so, how much extra?

due to at least one of the rebates being Regional, dealer told me Texas registration required at that price.

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I need this type of amazing deal but in the Northeast! :sob::laughing:

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I should add, that if there is any reasonable chance you might want to keep the car at the end of the lease, you may want to strongly consider purchasing right from the get go, as the net sales price they are offering on a purchase without Conquest is $15,790, and they will do $14,290 if you do have conquest, both of which are below residual value on a 2 year deal.

Note: I went round and round with them on why the Conquest people would only get $11.5K off sticker, and not get $13k off sticker, when non-conquest folks are getting $10K. His response was basically that they lose money on the non-conquest $10k off deals, and make some of it back up on the folks that do have conquest. Sounded a bit fishy to me. BUT AGAIN, at the end of the day, don’t get caught up in forest for the trees stuff…these are INSANE deals.

Super insane deals. Thanks for posting

Question, the 6.25% TX is based on total sale price? If so, sales tax should be 1340.93? No?

TX tax on adjusted Cap cost ~~ CapCost - Rebates

Yes, so in this case Sales tax is based upon Selling price less rebates, or $21455-6650=$14,805.
$14805 * .0625 = $925

Ahhh i was confused by that. Thanks

Congrats man ! Thats a truly Texas deal !

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Awesome deal! Can you PM the details on the dealer, Super interested.

Same here, please PM me the info, referal, etc. Thanks.

Same here! Please PM the info :slight_smile:

Same, please PM the details, really interested.