Tesla Model Y Calculations -- Need your advice $550~ month

Hi! This isn’t a lease per say but can you all please offer me advice ? I am trying to figure out whether to get a cheaper lease on a BMW/Audi ($300-$400 a month) or go with a Tesla Model Y.

For Tesla Model Y ($58k total with taxes) I have been approved to finance the entire car including taxes for 1.65% loan (it’s not a lease). I would pay $0 down on the loan and my monthly payment is ~$1250 a month for 48 months. I calculated that over 4 years, basic depreciation will be around 45% so 4 year total cost of ownership likely is around $541 not including any benefits of not using gas… so roughly $500 a month if you consider that.

Now I can get a 36 month lease on a BMW 3 series for around $375 a month…

Which one should I go for?? I think the Tesla seems way more appealing in this scenario… would love anyone’s thoughts/advice here!

Thank you in advance, love this community.

One is guaranteed and the other is based on assumptions. That being said get the car you’ll enjoy the most.


The head of used car sales @ Tesla is a friend of a friend and he was mentioning that the depreciation levels for Model 3 have been so so low compared to anything else they’ve seen.

Think of all the money you’ll save on corner moulding for your house if you get the model y


If you’re looking at 3-series, why not a Model 3? Then you would be comparing apples to apples, rather than a sedan versus a crossover.

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Great question, I drove both the 3 and the Y and the Y seemed way more comfortable and it’s only $3k more than the 3… originally I was going to opt for the 3.

TBH I just want to get a high end car for the next 4 years (luxury, maybe electric, and spend around $500 a month). I don’t have a huge preference on which one… Just trying to figure out the tradeoffs.

You must be talking about a LR or Perf Model 3.

A base Model 3 is like 38K ($350/mo.in NJ w/ EV credits)

Yeah LR M3 vs L3 Y.

$49,490 M3 LR (with wheels and color)
$52,990 Y LR (with wheels and color)

Ok so what are you asking from internet strangers?

What if you go with someone else’s subjective, possibly biased, opinion and then regret it every day?


Are you sure 4 year depreciation is going to be 45%? I feel thats a risky assumption. Esp when you try to trade in your car.

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In Texas? With a substantial amount due at signing, sure. I just did a $49,975 lease yesterday at 14.2% off, and with lease-to-lease loyalty ($3,250 in incentives), it was $499 with $500 DAS.


There is really no point debating the 4yr depreciation on something when the data barely exists.

It’s all speculation

Ask 10 people and you’ll get 11 answers


You can get depreciation curves for model X. I’d wager it be closer to that, than closer to say Jag F-type

Which is not a guarantee of pricing on a different model 3+ years from now.


I honestly think you’ve already made up your mind.

If it were me, I would choose the Tesla. Since your other option was a 3 series, I would go with a Model 3 LR. The interior would be the exact same as the Model Y and it cheaper out the door with taxes included. Plus, if you want more of the performance, I would call Tesla and ask if they had any stealth performance Model 3s available.

You’re neglecting to factor in that insurance costs on Teslas are astronomical compared to a BMW or another actual luxury OEM. It’s ridiculously easy to total one, and the rates reflect it

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Very good point - insurance rates.

OP - see what you get for insurance quotes… Tesla insurance probably will be your best option, and even then it’ll likely be pretty expensive.

Get the car you will enjoy driving. $375 - $1250 is a huge payment range.

What car are you driving now? What are you looking for in your next car?

You can get a 75k etron for a lot less than the model Y . Think about it


I compared rates on a Model 3 and the rates were about $400 more per year. Not astronomically high.