Tesla Model X P100D

What do you guys think of this deal?
MSRP $169,750
Selling Price $128,000

36 Month Lease
15K miles
$5,000 Down (mandatory on all Tesla Leases)
Monthly $1388 (tax included)

Follow the Tesla Hidden Deals facebook group. They post better deals but they get snatched up real fast.

$170k MSRP on a Tesla, just wow! But hey you are below 1% so looks like a good lease value…

this is actually pretty good, can you pm more info ?

its a deal i’m actually working on for myself =)

Does it come with the Ludicrous Speed upgrade?

I’ve been in this model car with it and by far hands down the quickest thing I’ve ever been in or seen.

Wouldn’t you rather have 14 Fiat 500e’s than one Model X ? https://forum.leasehackr.com/t/fiat-500e-lease-evaluation/27562

You would then only have to drive each car once per fortnight rather than that same old X-Model every day, day-after day-after day.

This many-to-choose from approach doesn’t work so well though if you try to apply it to your love-life. Your one-and-only just may not like it too much.

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Good. Take it. 20char

let me know if u decided to provide that info !

Holy shit are teslas really 170k?? I always thought they were around 120k or less. Looks like a fantastic deal though. I wouldn’t think they’d discount 35% or however much that is.

FYI people are renting teslas out for like $250 to $300 a day on Turo so now I see why.

That’s actually not a bad option. Get a fleet of Fiat 500e’s and rent some of them out to pay for the rest or even make a bunch extra. Even with excess mileage I don’t imagine they’d cost more than $5 a day to operate, list for $25 to $40 a day and make a bunch.

There’s a max of 2 CVRP rebates per person I believe, so the 3rd-14th 500e’s would be $2500 more expensive each.

Here’s 2 videos of the Tesla with ludicrous speed blowing away motorcycles



And insurance for 14 cars?

I think that car come with Ludicrous Speed, kind of loaded car with 22 in wheel, autodrive, auto pilot etc.

if op want to lower the payment only way is take some of the option off the car like wheels and packages (self-driving is not gonna be availabe due to law and regulation, dont know when). But if thats what you want, go for it. Steal price.

14 fiats all different colors lol that will be hilarious!

Just register them in Florida, buy the insurance waiver and make sure you have your own personal liability insurance and you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you wreck one just leave it and you have 13 others to play with.

The car is not mine! I still have to return to fiat, who will fix the car? Who will pay the other party if it were my fault? You? :smiley::yum:

Yes it has luda! and i also have 2 fiats 500e. This car would be replacing the out dated 2016 tesla model x i’m currently driving.

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How do you get the MSRP that high? I built one online and everything maxed out seems like the price is $161k

@jananth1 I think Tesla lowered prices recently. The OP is getting an older build when some of the options were more expensive.

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