Tesla Deals your contact inside Tesla

Hi All:
6-6-2019 - UPDATED
-Model S and X for discounts and Only New vehicles will equal $20K discount for Ludicrous mode.
-No pre-owned or Model 3.
-Also he works Nationwide (cars depending on location may not apply due to shipping/transport)
-If you already have spoken with an OA or someone at Tesla recently you need to go back to them, as you get flagged if try to jump to different advisory.

So I wanted to share within anyone considering a Tesla the man to speak to is -
Robb Silverstein I Ownership Loyalty Advisor, Sales Operations

W 510-602-6010
email - rsilverstein@tesla.com

He has helped me and user fyahya

He has been at Tesla for 4 years and knows how to search for the deals, as of now most of them have
spoken for but that is an ever moving target with new cars released all the time.

Granted these are not the crazy screaming deals you see on BMWs and others, but for Tesla these are amazing, usually about 30-50% of what a custom ordered car would lease for.

Thanks and just let him know myself AlanD or fyahya sent you.

Here is my link for referral should you lease or purchase -


Does he deal nationwide or specific to a region

Thanks for sharing! Emailed him

Nationwide on New S and X models can assist with 3 but really no discounts there

Welcome hope you find something.

Have contacted Robb, lets hope I can get something that meets my needs.

awesome if I get a Tesla I will use him thanks!

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Good luck to all. My Tesla OA contact is no longer with the company, which has been shedding people left and right.

I’ve had no luck with him…
He got back to me yesterday saying, “Don’t have any amazing deals unless you are a current owner at the moment.”

Robb got right back to me the next day, and his definition of a deal and mine are very different. But I thanked him for his help and let him know I would be in touch if anything changes.

He’s probably inundated with emails from tire kickers right now. I wouldn’t blame him for not being able to provide crazy deals like we saw at the end of last quarter.


I didn’t message him, but without posting some sort of numbers or examples, I don’t blame anyone for expecting the deals they saw last month.

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Time to pull a Hoovie and find the cheapest Tesla in the country to qualify…


I reached out to rsilversrein and got no response back. Anyone has another contact in CA?

Robb did get back to me after a long wait. I guess the crazy deals of March isn’t happening anymore. Will have to wait and see what Tesla tries.

Has anyone tried hacking a lease on a pre-refresh Model S or X? For those of you not in the know, recently Tesla updated the Model S/X with a new, more efficient drivetrain, and as a result are trying to clear out their old inventory by offering free unlimited SuperCharging on the old stock.

I thought of the idea after seeing a bunch of new Model S and X with 11-18% discounts listed on https://ev-cpo.com/ . Just wondering if this is at all feasible or if people are running into issues with residual, etc.


My message got moved here, but is anyone willing to share some example deals that he has offered on here on inventory Model S/X? Just wondering if it’s worth my time to contact him myself (plus I can reverse-engineer calculated residual, MF, etc)


You can search for inventory units on Tesla’s website. A pretty basic Model S on Tesla’s site was about $1150, Robb was around $1000/mo for that unit.

Hi All,

So at today’s look at inventory cars they have been depleted quite significantly.
The best discounts are available to current TESLA owners as they have the additional $20k discount for free ludicrous upgrade.
Samples -
Robb offered me a 135k model S p100d with 12k/year and standard $8k out of pocket at a payment of 859/mo payment including so cal tax.

Again these deals don’t seem to be here much.

There is this mode s - https://www.tesla.com/new/5YJSA1E42KF299129&redirect=no

And would be discounted further by 20k if current owner so this one should be a deal.
Not sure where it’s located as will not move too far.

So does family owning a Tesla 3 qualifies for current owner discount?