Tacoma 2019 TRD Sport good lease with 0 down?/

Hi Guys, new user here looking for some advise on my first lease, looking to lease a Tacoma 2019 TRD sport 4x2. Dealer quote me the below;
Plus I’ll be rolling around $2700 in negative equity(not included in calculations below)

would this be a good deal?Any insight would help first timer leaser here

**MSRP: $41832
**Selling Price: $344879(best internet price) no negotiated
**Monthly Payment: $349
**Cash Due at Signing: first month payment, plus tax+ fee)
**MSD: 0
**Incentives: 0
**Annual Mileage:12K
**MF: .00280
**Residual: 75%

16-17% off a Taco?

That seems too good to be true.

You sure you want to be paying mid 4s for
This when you roll all that neg equity in?

Lots of back end profit

yes that their current advertise price.most of their inventory are showing around 6-7 K off MSRP in other models as well.

I’m still debating if paying mid 400 when rolling the negative equity would make sense probably not but the wife really wants a new truck…

Tundra all day


advertised price or price they sent you? Wouldn’t be surprised if they had a ton of add ons or stacking rebates to make the price look good. You should get a written offer with the lease breakdown

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Just got the written offer , After adding the trade in with negative equity payment when thru the roof.

Looks like they are giving me the " the advertise price " but adding bunch of extra addons to increase selling price. would it be possible to negotiate those off?

Does everything else looks ok??.

Exactly what i thought why would do. They won’t give you the discount without the accessories. No way they want to lose $4k+

God lord. See if they can undercoat it.

Pin stripes maybe.


In reality the msrp is probably way less and that’s why they are showing a large discount. It’s because they are discounting the inflated msrp.

I wouldn’t even deal with a store that wants to play those games.

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What the heck is a rain package? Can you live with an Off-Road? I believe the residuals are a lot better for the Off-Road. Also the money factor is really high on these trucks. Can you pay off the negative equity and/or apply MSDs? Edmunds would have up to date numbers, but check my deal below for an example of what can be done in the SE region. There aren’t a ton of examples and it is different from other parts of the US.

Thank you All for the feedback. Decide to go to another dealer for my purchase. Per recommendations I went with an off-road model the RV was better. they quoted the below, I think it looks way better now.

Tacoma 2019 Offroad -TRD Premium Off Road Package, Technology Package, Predator Pro Step
**MSRP: $38500
**Selling Price: $35197
**Monthly Payment: $325 before adding negative equity, $410 All in (including 7% tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: first month payment
**MSD: 0 (did not allowed any)
**Incentives: 500
**Annual Mileage:12K
**MF: .00180
**Residual: 77%
** Disposition= $350

Still don’t know what a rain package is…

MSDs not allowed? What do you mean?

Looks like an Auto Nation dealer so I’m not surprised.

First they did not know what MSD were no surprise, then when I try to add some they said no because the MF was already low…and not needed.

Not going to make this any good even w all the MSDs in the world

I’d keep the rain package though, I think it includes wipers and special blinker fluid…:joy::rofl:

Just make a road trip and be done with it

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Yes, if you can spare the time for a roadtrip, go north for one of these and save a bunch of $.

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My dealer just told me $496 for 36m with 2500 down. Am I crazy or is that stupid high? I live in the Dallas area.

Are they giving you two trucks?