Subaru Outback limited deal

I am looking for zero down lease on subaru limited. It will be my first lease. Can anyone please share any deals in this regard.
Appreciate any help.

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Have you read either of these posts?


Lease novice,
Just some friendly advice from another newbie before the onslaught. :nerd_face:
This site doesn’t do the work for you. Read the recommended posts above. Look for deals in your area, get all the pertinent numbers, use the lease calculator and then come back and post your results for advice.

Good luck in your search!

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This deal was negotiated around 12/25/2018 in Nor Cal Bay Area
Limited 2.5
36/15 Lease
MSRP: $36,915
Price: $31,600
Total Drive Office: $825
Lease Payment: $351.33 plus tax
MF: .0004
Residual: 55%