Sub $300 Leases... extra car

I’m not asking for fellow members to find me the Deals but wanted to see what anyone has got around this $300 mark. I finally got rid of my Lexus lease, which was worst experience ever since it is currently under arbitration due to property taxes from a previous state.

I see Toyota Tacoma’s are leasing really well and probably best bet I have to go with and AWD…

Volvo S60 2018 is going to be outdated so might be able to snag a good deal

Anything else you guys personally have gotten?

I just need an extra car to get me through Boston winters, not put so many miles in my current car (cls550) and save a bit on gas at same time. I did calculation and see that driving my CLS with gas, wear and tear (put 10k on within 4 months), and it has a factory matte paint which hates every weather condition besides clear blue skies. Figured If I can lease a $300 car, it will balance out the wear and tear on the mercedes.

there are so many choices at that price point. I’d go for a smaller SUV with AWD like the Terrain.

The problem with the extra car is insurance. You now have to pay for two cars and that cuts into your savings. Usually not worth it.

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I did a quote for a Tacoma and over 6 months it’s $60 extra a month. Which is pretty good still. Since I drove so much already, I dumped a lot of money into the cls already. I don’t want to ruin the paint is my biggest thing during winter. Plus my wife and I drive a lot to NJ, NC, DC, so it will help out balance out miles on her Volvo lease too since she’s currently over by few thousand.

I leased a chevy equinox 1LT AWD a couple of days ago for less than 250$. I didn’t opt for convenience n confidence package. You can easily score a deal with convenience n confidence for less than 300…


if you get a GM suv like equinox and currently have Costco membership then you also get $700 gift card which basically will pay for a year of insurance based on the insurance cost info you provided.

Yes I always liked new equinox. I will take a look at what others got. I saw few days ago a fellow member got $3200 one pay for 24 months, which would be awesome!

Lived in CT for many years, been to Boston countless times (friends + family)…you don’t really need AWD there.

If you really want to save money on an urban commute, you need an hybrid/PHEV.

Here’s one example:

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Off-topic: What is your concern with the paint? My c coupe with matte gray paint is ready for its 3rd Ohio winter and I haven’t had any issues with it (almost 36k miles already)

Do you drive the car in dead winter also? I feel like the salt and grime will tear up the paint. It isn’t like you can buff and wax the car prior to snow season like regular paint. Unless I am missing something?

We go on long trips also, which is killing us on my wife’s lease miles or kills us on gas. It is a catch 22. I am looking at the Equinox, if I can get it for like sub $200, which seems possible now with 2018 coming to a close. It might be worth it for us as we will save at least $300 on gas and potentially $3,500 in mile overage fees on the Volvo.

Edit: We have a small puppy that simply loves running around inside our cars too lol. I pay $150 in car washes between both cars a month cause of the puppy leaving paw prints/hair on seats…

Yeah, unfortunately I do drive it in dead winter often too, although I use a second car (GMC Terrian as of right now) as a backup if it’s too bad.
My paint still look brand new (except all the chips in the front :frowning:)

Yeah mine is surprisingly clean with no chips and plan on keeping it that way. Everyone wants to charge me 2X cause it is factory matte paint for Paint protection film (quoted $2,500) for front end. I might as well just do a cheap lease at that point.

Rent a car for long trips, Costco works well for that.

I don’t see anything in the thread with regards to options you are interested in. A Base Equinox could be done well under 300, but if you want leather, nav, the 2.0 engine and AWD, you’re way over 300.

In other words…list the options that are important to you on the car, which will help weed out some selections.

Don’t need leather but AWD is a must. Don’t care for Navigation cause I think it already comes with CarPlay… I think the LT model is perfect

Metromile insurance can save you a ton if you have 2 cars but only drive one at a time and the other one sits idle. You get charged a low base monthly fee per car, then a per mile addition for every mile you drive. So unless you are driving both cars over 10K miles a year you can save a lot on insurance. Great option for someone with an extra car but who only drives one at a time. Here’s a link to get a free quote:

Hmmm I will look into this. Probably keep the CLS in the garage throughout the winter. When my wife and I were both working from home in Charlotte, we barely put any miles like 6,000 total between two cars but now Boston rent is $3,000+, so gotta make a longer commute from the outskirts of Boston.

You’ll save a ton. For each of my 2 cars when I had them both (Chevy Bolt and BMW Z4) the base rate was around $40 per month plus a per mile charge of about 6 cents per mile. So if you don’t drive one of the cars for a whole month, you are only paying $40 for that month (or around $500 per year).

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Says not in my state… BLAH! I think there is another one like this. I will Google It

Can you link us to the 3200 One pay for 24 months??