Sold one to VROOM!


Accept offer, they send you e-docs to sign plus fedex paperwork. Send that back immediately and they will process it the same day or next day. Then they will contact you again once they have found a carrier to pick up your car. Once picked up, get a copy of bill of lading and send that back to vroom and then they issue payment to pertinent parties.

9 days total for me (including weekend) since accepting offer to waiting on transport.


So you got the e-docs same day as you accepted the offer? I did that on Saturday, and haven’t received anything.

Called them today and they were vague, but said they are short staffed and backlogged.

Lets see if i get something by tomorrow.


Nah after accepting offer I had to fill out a questionnaire online. Then they emailed 2 days after that because they couldn’t get the payoff from HFS. I had to have them fax it to vroom, which they got 2 days later. Then 2 days after that is when they sent me e docs and Fed ex package.


Ok, that makes sense. I filled up the questionnaire on Saturday afternoon/evening. So it is 2 working days since i completed that. I am hoping to hear from vroom tomorrow on if i need to provide them a payoff statement from MBFS.


Just for giggles did both.

2018 Forrester 6MT 2.5I.

Carvana offered 20,6xx and Vroom offered 19,500 for the car.

Lease payout is 21,060 with a 350 exit fee.

Im seriously debating this as the wife and I are debating getting something more upscale as the forrester, at 18 months with us, is too boring and bland.


Vroom is telling me that US bank (lease holder) won’t sell them my car…anyone have experience with this?


I think US Bank reserves the buyout option for the lessee only.


Correct. We had a Grand Cherokee with over $3000 in lease equity. A dealer offered us a great deal on a VW suv, because they wanted to buy the Jeep and give us some of the equity. US Bank refused, instead saying they were entitled to any lease equity. They added so many fees and penalties the deal wasn’t worth it. Beware of leasing through US Bank.


Wow, my current lease is with them, also for a GC. I wonder whether there are any loopholes around this?:thinking:


Check your lease documents. It should say whether it’s a closed end lease or open. US Bank offers lower rates sometimes, because they know they’ll get the equity in the end. It likely depends on the residual values, which have been gradually slipping. Too many people lease, meaning there are too many used cars in three years. I waited three months so I could order my car the way I wanted it. In those three months the money factor jumped and the residual went down a bit. Combine that with lousy incentives compared to the previous model year, and my monthly payment was $60 more

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I haven’t heard back from Vroom after filling out the questionnaire. My lease was through USbank and I had about $500 negative equity in the vehicle. I’m picking up my new car on Saturday wish I knew what was going on.


I’m dealing with the same crap right now. Any luck?


I Docu-Signed last Friday and Fedex back the power of attorney for Ttitle this Monday. We are currently sitting on “finding transport” stage. :face_with_monocle:


3/4: Offer Accepted
3/5: Info Form Submitted
3/8: Docu-signed
3/12: LOA for Title returned to Vroom
3/20: Vehicle picked up at 11AM PST. Wire sent by 2PM

Los Angeles Metro Area


So i heard back from them on Wednesday and did DocuSign on the same day. Got fedex docs on Thursday and sent it back to them same day. Called them today, they said that they received it today, and will contact 3rd party transport company to find a date.

Hopefully it will be soon. They never reply to emails, and most of the time have standard pre defined answers on phone.

Btw, i accepted the offer and filled the questionnaire on Saturday.

How did vroom take for everyone to find a transport? I am socal. Not sure it that makes a difference.


It will be 3-4 days. I’m in Orange County and the trucking company was from San Diego and cane at 7:30 am and picked the car. I got the positive equity via wire the same day. Their email and phone service sucks. Had to keep calling them and every time was a different person :man_facepalming:t2:


I am also in OC. I have been calling them every day as well. I guess it will sometime next week.


I am in NY and it was the next day. Picked up on a Saturday.


I wanted to leave my Vroom experience here for y’all as a data point.

I contacted them a few weeks ago to accept their offer. They wanted a blank, signed title Fedex’d to them. I was kinda worried, especially since Florida REQUIRES the SELLER to put the buyer/cost/date onto the title when it’s being exchanged. Vroom had their “lawyers” insist it’s legal. It’s certainly grey-zone, but, I needed the car sold since I just took on a new lease.

Took them a little under a week to process their docusign papers which formed the basis of the sales contract. It then took them another week for pickup to be scheduled for 3-4 days after that. I was worried about the 10 calendar day offer period, as the contact states if it goes over Vroom can change offer without consent. I voiced my concern because the pickup was taking awhile and they said they’d eat it if it goes over. When the pickup people finally came, they insisted that I drive to a KMART shopping plaza instead of my house.

I obliged, the pickup guy said no damage and off it went. The walk home sucked. Vroom Fedex’d a check last night to be here Monday. So, provided the check is the the correct amount, everything went well. It just took a lot of faith, I guess.


I’m in Los Angeles. All the paperwork with Vroom is completed but the wait time for 3rd party carrier pick-up is forever. So far it’s been 12 days and I haven’t heard from the carrier pick-up.
Vroom emailed me saying it may take 10 days to find a carrier and then 2-3 weeks for the car to be picked up.

I thought LA would have high volume, so why would it take so long? Anybody else in LA have the same problem with Vroom?

What is their cancellation policy?


I think it must vary pretty wildly. I’m in OC and I got an email saying they were looking for a carrier and the next day I received an email confirming the carrier pickup for the next day. Then the carrier called me and wanted to pick up the same day instead of next day. So ultimately less than 24 hours.