Sold one to VROOM!



Just got an email from vroom. They said HFS would not release the payoff quote to them and that I had to call HFS and have them fax the payoff quote to vroom. So I called vroom, got their dealer location zip and fax number and requested the payoff quote be faxed.

For anyone who has sold a leased honda to vroom, is this your experience as well? I want to make sure it’s nothing out of the ordinary because I assumed that vroom has dealt with leased vehicles from HFS. Thanks in advance.


I wasn’t through HFS, but I had the same experience through my lender. Had to call them myself and request payoff info be faxed to Vroom.


Ok thanks for the info, I appreciate it.


Yeah this is what I am worried about as well. My payoff amount includes my next payment, which is due on the 14th. I e-signed docs, and also sent back the paperwork that I received via FedEx (it will arrive back at vroom tomorrow).

I am hoping they can schedule pickup fairly soon so that the payoff check is overnighted to HFS before the 14th. I already paid the negative equity to vroom which included this month’s payment, and I don’t want to have to pay that amount again on the 14th if they don’t receive the payoff check in time.


Please keep us updated on how this went! I called HFS today and they said leases can’t be paid off by 3rd parties. Did you tell them they’re sending a fax to vroom?


Hmm plenty of individuals in this thread have sold a leased Honda to vroom, so that’s odd.

Vroom called HFS for payoff info, and HFS said they can’t give them that info over phone and that I had to call them and have it to faxed, which is what I did.


I just tried the HFS automated system and it would totally send a quote to a dealer via fax. I guess me asking for a 3rd party instead of a dealer was the issue.

My pay off is $16.8k, vroom would give $17k. If the dealer pay off is $300 more I have to look for another dealer.


Paperwork has been processed, now waiting on scheduling a pick up. I hope it’s quick so HFS gets the payoff check asap!


I just filled out my paperwork for a Prius I just sold them. Hope the process is quick. I’ll update my experience.


Same, Prius 18 three with 4500 miles on it. 3k more than anyone else was offering. They are arranging transport. I hope the Call comes soon. I need the space in my garage.

Since I had a lien on it, does anyone know if they send paperwork to you saying the car has been paid off/sold to them? I guess I will need it for the DMV to switch my tags to my new lease.


I was offered $33k for my 2017 Charger Scat Pack with 6k miles. Carvana offered $29k. Don’t know the payoff until I call USbank tomorrow. I got 10 months left on my lease. If I can’t sell it I’m sure someone would gladly take over the low payments with 30k miles left to drive!


They offered me 35K for my 18 Dodge Charger Scat Pack with 2100 miles.


Did you take it? Or still driving the Charger?


Still driving it can’t part with it yet to fun lol.


Oh great! I was getting low ball offers for mine as well elsewhere. How soon after you sign everything electronically did they contact you?


Yeah, I was very surprised they offered without inspecting the car. Anyways, I just got contacted by the transport company - they are coming to pick the car up tomorrow.

I’d say from the moment I accepted their offer, to pickup, it will be ~ 6 business days.

I signed some papers via Docusign. And then they sent me a bunch of papers to sign via Fedex overnight, which I delayed getting back to them (prepaid Fedex overnight shipping). So, the whole process might’ve been faster even.

If the money does make it all where it needs to be, I’ll be most impressed. This has really been painless.


I just received an email for pickup as well, they are coming tomorrow. My next lease payment is due on Thursday, and my payoff included that payment, so I anticipate that although the payoff check will arrive on time, I will still have to make that payment and then get a refund back from HFS once they process the payoff check.


How long after the offer acceptance and filling the online form with odo pics etc did they contact you with other forms to sign and mail? I accepted the offer on Saturday afternoon and haven’t received any communication from them since.


Trying this as well.
2016 Honda Pilot 3 months left on lease. Vroom offer 29K, dealer buyout 27.9K
Did the online paperwork today. Not counting my chickens though. Email to them to ask a question went unanswered twice. Calling them was less than satisfactory. They require picture of title or lien (have neither as it is leased). Person at call center not sure what to send for that. After asking told me the 15 day buyout price which is basically what I sent. So lets see if this works or not :slight_smile:


Vroom is non-responsive to emails based on my experience. You have to call them and get the info that you need.

Car was supposed to be picked up today, no call from transport. Called the number that was sent to me and it was out of service. Called vroom and they said they will notify logistics but the carrier will eventually reach out to me since they have my information. :roll_eyes: