Sold one to VROOM!


I thought one of the perks of selling before lease termination was to avoid the dispo fee???



Hit up Chevysalesgirl here, I believe she said that loyalty eligibility persists for a while after lease termination. I suspect you’ll be ok selling to Vroom



@02cic Not sure about that, wanted to get out of the lease regardless. And I came out with equity. That’s all that mattered.


Hellcat, $500 a month, nothing down!

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Sold one to CARVANA!

Hi guys I’m in the process of selling my car to vroom I’m waiting for the documents package to arrive and then I gotta ship it back and then I’m assuming they arrange pickup but I’m a bit worried about the in between time for them to send the payoff to my loan , is it a speedy process are they easy to deal with are they honest and easy going I just wanna make sure I’m not making a mistake by selling it through them and get stuck with more headache so if the car arrives to them and something is not in order or what not, what’s the overall experience with them



There’s definitely a leap of faith to some extent since you’re giving over your car before they distribute payment.

That being said, I sold my car to Vroom a few weeks ago and it was pretty smooth. Their communication is lacking but they did send the check overnight Fedex to my lender the day after they picked up my car and provided me with the tracking number.

It can be like pulling teeth to get them to communicate but the process was easy and they were honest and forthcoming with all details. I didn’t feel like there was ever any reason to be concerned.

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Thank you comments like this make me feel better , i guess my main concern is the car getting damaged during transportation and me gettting hooked with that or them saying something is wrong and my car being stuck in texas, and also I need to make sure I dont get a late payment on my record so I’m on the fence on Wether or not the payoff will be processed on time , do you know how long it takes for them I pick up the car after you ship them the package with the signed documents back?



I sent my packet back promptly and I think they scheduled the pickup 3 or 4 days later. Definitely prompt, but I’m also in SoCal so volume may be higher than in other parts of the country.

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has anyone sold their older cars to vroom? Do they send appraiser before they pick up the vehicle to check if there are any problems with the car?



Vroom is picking my car up tomorrow. They recommend that I remove my license plates even after I told them that in CA, the plates stay with the car.
For those in CA that sold their cars to Vroom, did you remove your plates?




Post is old, but in case anyone comes searching again I got an offer of $32,000 for my ‘18 Chevy Traverse RS, 6800 miles—next highest was $30,500 from Carvana, $25k from dealership (no surprise). Thing is, I let my orig offer expire, submitted again and got $32,500. That expired, submitted a 3rd time, stated I was looking for $33,000…got $33,000. Just submitted final docs to start the process so I will update with how it plays out.

UPDATE: Been about 4 weeks since I submitted my paperwork, but Vroom just finally found a driver to pick up my vehicle last week. It got picked up 3 days ago (on Tuesday), they wired the overage of my loan balance ($768) directly to my checking account on Wednesday, and the pay-off check arrived at my financial institution on Thursday to close my account. Took longer than I expected, but they did what they promised. Just still surprised that they administered the pmt before even seeing the vehicle. Never even asked for photos.

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This is really amazing!

The waiting game worked very well in your favor :slight_smile:



Maybe they were observing you, following you and inspected car somewhere where you parked, hence no inspection?



Question for first time user of Vroom.
They gave me a price of $29000 on line for my 2016 Pilot Touring low mileage.
When I called the leasing company (Fusion) they would only give me my payoff, a few hundred lower than the Vroom offer but I would have to pay taxes and some fees. They wouldn’t tell me what Vroom would have to pay to see if the deal is worth it or not.
Any advice?



Vrrom or any other dealer isn’t registering the car, so they don’t have to pay TTL



I just completed my sale of a 2016 Hyundai Tucson to Vroom. The whole process start to finish took 11 days. This included accepting the offer, digital documents that I signed, overnight paperwork to me and sent back to Vroom, scheduling of the vehicle pickup and finally money in hand.

I am extremely happy about how smooth and painless this process went!

If you have any questions feels free to ask.



Does having a maintenance light decrease the valuation of the car? Just had the service A light go off in my accord and I submitted my offer a few days ago, but didn’t note it on the appraisal form under “Are there any active warning lights?”

If I accept the offer, and when they come to check out the vehicle, will they say its different than what was on the appraisal form and void the offer?




Service light as in oil change etc or check engine? You can reset the service light, Google it

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Oil change, and thanks I forgot that you can reset the light.



Submitted another offer to vroom, and got the same appraisal value (I increased my offer by $500 to see if it would change). I am going to carmax and truworth on Saturday to see what they offer. KBB cash offer was 2K lower than vroom.