Sold one to VROOM!



Vroom and Nissan were absolutely incompatible in CA, at least. Nissan Finance requires buyout of (our) lease take place thru a dealer. As such, for Vroom to buy we had to have possession of title for 30 days.

One Nissan dealer offers to help, but they sounded pretty unsure and I know for certain they weren’t going to help for free. Plus they would have tried to land me in a Nissan again.

Carmax made it easy.

And yes, if the offer they give is less the payout, you’ll have to cut a check at time of sale to get title released from lease holder.


Well just submitted a speculative query and the results re-affirmed my decision to not purchase (but instead search for a lease). [This dealer brand does not lease loaners.]

Vroom offered $33,750 for the well equipped F150 XLT 4x4 below in excellent condition with 3k miles.


Do you think a dealership would match what Vroom offers for a trade in?

Sold Leased SUV on Vroom - 2015 Lexus NX200t

No… def not



When I traded in my wife’s CX-5 last week the dealer initially offered us $13.3k but when I told them Vroom and Carvana offered us ~$14k, they have us the same $14k pretty quickly.


Would this be the same for Infiniti?


To the best of my knowledge, yes.


If anyone does this with Infiniti in CA I’d be interested to see what happens.


I tried appraisals from all for my 2012 Challenger RT Classic-fully loaded 92K miles excellent condition
VROOM: $11,000
CARVANA: $12,000
CARMAX: $12,000 I almost dropped it off…but decided to go to a local Chevy Dealer for a lease check…
CHEVY DEALER: first $9,000, second $11,500-they wouldn’t pay more…still at dealership-I looked up AUTONATION on my phone and submitted for appraisal…
I just dropped it off today to AUTONATION and they pay my credit union, equity ($8K+) deposited in my account, $60 Uber ride home…chaching $700 richer


How do you time when Vroom pays off the leasing car and me paying the negative equity before starting a new lease? For example let’s say I sell my leased car to vroom tomorrow how long is a normal wait time for everything to go through so that I’m not without a car?



One to two weeks.


Just sold my leased Terrain to Vroom. And they sent me a check of $3043.31. I have spent a total of about $1000 on this Terrain since I leased it in March, including insurance. So I pocketed about $2000.00. The whole process was extremely easy and seamless. It took about 2 weeks

Carvana offered me $2000 less than Vroom.


How’s your XC90 R doing? :slight_smile:


Doing great. Will also try vroom and carvana when the lease is up.


That’s awesome! I only show about $504 positive equity per Vroom’s last appraisal. When you got your payoff quote from GMF was it via their automated line? Just curious if that figure is with tax or not.


I talked to a CS for the payoff qoute. And vroom needed to call GMF to verify the payoff as well.


Just to share some data, I solicited quotes from Vroom, Carvana and Carmax for my Q60 red sport and Vroom was legitimately $5k more than Carvana. It was odd given in months prior the quotes were pretty similar but after a phone call Carvana was not budging. Carmax was in the middle of the road at $2k less than Vroom. I ended up getting a local Infiniti dealer to match Carmax since they could take it on the spot and let me pay off the low neg equity with a credit card (points baby!). Happily my job is covering the cost so I didn’t need to make a profit on it.


Sold my 2016 Honda Accord EX-L with 3 payments remaining to Vroom with ease. Carvana was quoting me +$54 of equity and Vroom was quoting me +$700.

Received a check via FedEx this week. Honda took their $350 disposition fee but all in all in $300+ Cash and out of my lease early. I love Vroom and I love this site for putting me on to them!!


4 months left on Chevy Silverado lease. Got a quote from vroom, which is $1,250 more than my GM financial buyout. Sounds pretty good, except I would like to lease another Silverado and I’m afraid I would give up $4,000 in rebates toward the new Silverado by dumping the truck with vroom. Chevy is offering $2,000 for lease pull ahead and $2,000 for lease loyalty. Thoughts?


Why not call the dealer and ask them if you have to drop off the lease with them to qualify for the loyalty? I’m sure you would be okay either way.