$98/mo 2018 GMC Terrain SLE

Signed the deal on 3/12/18, but the SUV is still on the way to the dealership. But they agreed to refund me the payment that I made before I took delivery.

MSRP 28895

Discount $10125 (including $6400 rebate)

Acqusitioin fee: $650

Dealer fee: $204

MF 0.00135

RV 64%

24/10k miles

Zero down.

Monthly payment of $98.59 before tax

$107.58 after my tax rate of 9.114%

Drive off: $107.58 (1st month payment)


Was this in MO by any chance?

Yes it is 2020202020

Wow 13% off? How is your MF so low or is that a typo? Should be .00135 no? I don’t see how you’re getting down to $107 when similar deals I’ve seen here on base models are in the $150ish range.

I’m currently looking for an SLE or SLT AWD diesel but they only seem to have a handful in white or black with an extra 3k worth of options I don’t care for.

It was a typo. MF should be 0.00135. Edited. Thanks

MO doesn’t tax incentives which helps our deals out. Multiple dealers were advertising 99 dollar deals in St. Louis for base SLEs, this looks like one of them as I think that is the STL City tax rate.

Oh I see, that explains it. Probably an extra $600 or 25/mo right there. I’m also guessing your DMV fees aren’t as high so both of those might make up the difference.

Yup, fees are dirt cheap but we have a personal property tax which will be 4-600 extra a year that isn’t showing up in this (or my) deal.

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Boom! Smoking deal. Nice job

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I figured, cause i did hear some others from that area that were being held for stock in transit. Congrats !

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Can I ask what dealership/area in MO?

Same… What dealership was that ?:slight_smile:

Please PM me the dealership and the salesman. Great deal! Well done!

PMed 202020202020202020

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Could you send that my way as well?

Just did 202020202020

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Please PM me the dealership and the salesman. Thanks!

Can you please pm me the dealer info.

Hello Inter101. Would you mind PMing me the dealership as well? Thanks a ton!

same for me inter101. if you could please PM dealer and salesperson. thanks!