Sold one to VROOM!



Idk why people are surprised by this. What do you expect?


Definitely expected less than 30% hit.


Brand new = biggest hit. If it were 20%, would you still be surprised?


Exactly. I think most of the offers Vroom has are more than fair.
You can’t expect them to pay MSRP on a car because as soon as it’s off the lot it’s not considered new.
Only worrysome thing is their clause where they can revoke the deal after they receive the car and you would be responsible to pick it up from whatever state it is in and pay them back immediately.


I would be a lot less surprised if it was 20%. If the residual is 57% the expected value in 3 years is only a few thousand below what they are offering today. I just can’t reconcile the two and don’t see how people could make money on their leases. Perhaps one could do better on the bare bones 43K RX.


Remember. No one here is making money, except in extremely rare cases. People are cashing in on the positive equity their car has. In theory it means they’ve been over paying for the lease.

If you get an offer for massively under what the payoff is, thank god you are leasing.


FYI Vroom does not buy from Chrysler Capital, so you would have to buy it out and then sell it.

dont know how taxes work in that case


Yea because Chrysler Capital sucks and they charge even dealers (except Dodge/Chrysler) sales tax!


I wonder whether this has ever happened.


Just did the same. I have 1 month left on the lease so let’s see if we can make some MONEY!


Your shitting me right? Is this nationwide? Or State by State? Was hoping to get some equity out of my 18’ Scat Pack after 2 years or so.


you can email Vroom and confirm. I was going to sell my R/T and that what they told me


Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.


It has been a week and keep following up with Vroom and they tell me they are still working with a transportation company and can take a week or more to pick the car up! Has any one experienced the same issue dealing with VROOM ? also they never respond to their emails. Is CARVANA faster then VROOM or the pace is still the same ?

Sold one to CARVANA!

For me, it took 24 hrs to arrange transportation. My overall experience was very positive.


Thanks for sharing ! What Region are you in ? And were the funds available to you the same day ? Thanks


I’m in NJ 2020202020

Car was picked up on a Saturday…funds available next business day (Monday)


What time were the funds available in your account? They picked up and sent the wire to me according to them but there’s still no sign of the funds and it’s been over a day


The funds were available around 2pm EST.


I had silimar experience, it took 8 days for cars to be picked up. Funds were transferred the next day. I am in Illinois.