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Sold my 2012 GTI to Shift, decided to let go of my commuter car since it’s been in the garage for a year and wanted to cash out on the crazy used car market. Once I got the high offer I quickly forgot about trying to squeeze extra via private party and take the cash.

Vroom $7000
Carmax $10400
Shift $12300

Process was pretty easy overall, only complaint was it took about 3 hrs since they sent an 18yr old kid out and he was only a few weeks on the job. Was patient with him and only deductions were for 2 wheels with curb rash. Total after $200 bonus was $12370. Bank transfer posted in my account 3 days later.

Does anyone know how to get 10-day payoff statement on Honda Finance Service?

Anybody know why Shift needs your social security number? Are there other payment options?

Perhaps to assist in validating your identity.

The last time I wrote a check for a new car the dealer wanted to pull my credit for this purpose.

They ended up letting me pull my own credit in their presence, and from there they were satisfied after eyeballing the addresses that were reporting.

Just sold my 2018 Volt LT to Shift. Their offer was $1 more than Carvanna, who I used last year with a Subaru. The total Purchase price was $20,300 less my lease residual of $18172 so I’m pocketing $2128. This was on the Volt that I did a one pay lease on for $8500 less CA $2500 rebate in 2018 less the $2128 from Shift. Total cost to own for 34 months =$3872. ($114 per month.)
Jumped on a one-pay Bolt Premier lease for $6400. Hope it works again in 2024!

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Sick price on the Bolt Premier. I’m in a similar situation. One-paid the 18 Volt and looking to sell now. Already picked up a 21 Bolt LT with no packages for $6k OTD. Trying to sell the Volt to Carvana since they’re offering $1,000 more than Shift… But it’s been like pulling teeth with them.

Just sold my 2019 Sienna LE to Shift, which netted me over 4k in positive equity. Got a quote Wednesday and they came over on Friday to inspect the car and drive off. Direct deposited the cash into my account today. Not a bad turnover time. Now if I can only find a Toyota dealer willing to play ball on a 2021 :sweat_smile:

My 2019 Tacoma SR5 lease is due in a week, so last month I started doing some research on selling to one of these sites (aka obsessively reading LH forums for data points :D). From what I was reading, in SoCal, Vroom tended to give good estimates but it was a hassle with documentations and delivery. Shift is based in CA, so it was a lot easier for their drivers to do a quick inspection and take the car on the spot.

Buyout from Toyota Financial - $28247

Estimates from 4/18/21
Vroom - $32473
Carmax - $30800
Shift - $32300

Estimate from 4/20
Carvana - $31608

Again, a lot of people on the Vroom thread said the extra couple hundred wouldn’t be worth the hassle, so I chose to work with Shift.

Since I scheduled my inspection for 5/6/21, the quote I got in April expired. Last night, I was able to get some new estimates.

Estimates from 5/6/21
Vroom - $33632
Carmax - $32000

When it was my Shift appointment time, I told the inspection person about the updated estimate from Vroom and asked if they could match it. It took a little extra time, but Shift came back with $33450. Shift also has a $200 bonus for selling the car at the first appointment, so in total the payment was $33650. He quickly finished the inspection. There was a little bit of the wait for the paper work, so overall the appointment took closer to 1.5 hours.

Of course, I just gave them the car today so I don’t have info on how long it’ll take to receive payment. However the process thus far has been very straight forward. I didn’t answer their initial calls since I didn’t recognize the numbers, so they sent me a text. I had to get my Toyota Financial Services account info to give them. Then I received another call because as they were trying to retrieve the information TFS required a verbal consent from me to authorize them to give Shift the buyout info.

I got my truck as a one-pay from Cody for just under $6000 everything included, so I’m very happy with getting an extra $5403 from selling the truck! Of course, part of it was also due to the fact that I only had 15650 miles on the car instead of 24000 since I didn’t drive much this past year.


Just sold my Tacoma. 4 cylinder SR-5 4 door, I put just 4100 miles on it in almost 2 years.

Vroom offered $31,498
Edmunds/Carmax $32,200
Shift’s offer $33,100 with a $200 bonus for selling it the same day.

Buyout was $25,198 and after Shift drove off with it I will be getting $8102 into my bank account. That’s a profit of $2900 after my one pay lease cost and likely covers the gas, insurance and registration during my term.

Thanks for the info noobdealseekr.


Super win!! Congrats!

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Does shift buy cars that are not in california?

Just sold my 19 Camry for over 5k in profit! Shift matched the Vroom offer and even gave an extra $200. I had to get on a call w/ TFS and Shift for authorization. They picked up my car last night and I got the payment confirmation email this morning. Super easy process!


Sold my 2020 Tacoma TRD Sport 4X4 . I paid 41k for for a 44.5k MSRP truck, put 10k miles on her and got 43.3k. I paid taxes on it to get out of US Bank lease and in the end paid approx 1700 on her for 14 months of use and 10k miles + insurance. Good enough for me.

I got the quote on Wednesday, concierge came on Friday a bit 45 minutes after the appointment window and had the equity in my bank account on Monday morning. The concierge that came out was a bit of a wreck, but did eventually get the job done.

On a side note I had the same price offer from Vroom who is “still reviewing documents”. Carvana and AlGo were both 4k less on their offers.


Just found this on their site

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Just sold my car to Shift couple of weeks ago and everything went smoothly for the most part. They quoted me a much higher price than Car Max ($5900) or Carvana (ranged from $5400 to $6100) for my 2010 Honda Accord. They quoted me $7100 but with the deduction for dents and dings I received $6200 plus the $200 if you sell to them on the day of the inspection. They rescheduled on me because they were running late but they came out the next day. The guy who came out to inspect was very nice. We received our payment today so it took 3 business days. If you need my email and name to get the $100 Amazon gift card for referral bonus, please let me know.

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What kind of wear/dents and dings did you have to be hit with a 900 adjustment? Is shift’s inspection really strict on condition for used cars of that age?

They deduct for any dents or scratches over 2.5”. They use a little clear circular disc. It’s like $75-100 off for each one they find that exceeds the disc.

Someone keyed my car so there was a scratch cross the two doors and the body on the drivers side, had dents on the side of the front bumper and above the tire on passenger side, and a deep scratch on the back bumper from a garage door closing on it. Beside normal wear and tear small dings and scratches. That all added up to $900. Didn’t think it would be so much but it was still better than Car Max or Carvana.

Sold my 2016 GTI Autobahn on Shift last week. Owed 15k, was bluebooking around 17k. Shift offered 23. My wheels were absolutely beat to hell and they deducted $40 total. Great experience overall.

That is super strong for a GTI. How many miles did you have?