Sold one to CARVANA!



Not sure about leasing through Ally Bank (same as Ally Financial?), but I am currently financing one through them and under “account snapshot” and “manage my account --> view payoff quote” you should be able to get the payoff right there and then…but then maybe financing and leasing can potentially have two different layouts… just a thought :slight_smile:


I’m sorry it’s with ally financial,when I click on payoff it says 6,332…that can’t be correct


When in doubt, call the financial company, they should be able to provide you with the most accurate payoff quote :smiley:


My experience was not nearly as notable as the majority.

I went to the Carvana site, entered my VIN and the required information (answered with absolute honesty). It is a 2016 vehicle with my lease ending in February of 2019 (I went ahead and made the final payments back in August). It only has 6,942 miles as I hardly ever drive it (an average of 2-3 times per month) and is in excellent condition. The instant offer came back $1,200 less than the current purchase price.

The Vroom cash offer was $900 less.

I am envious of the offers I am reading about here but am happy for everyone. I believed the vehicle, condition, and low mileage would have made for a better price.


You never said the most important thing - what is your vehicle.


Both sites offered around 2000 less than my local dealer.


2016 Mercedes Benz C‑Class C 300 4MATIC Sedan.


It’s probably based on demand of that particular model and creating awareness about carvana. They might be taking loss sometimes just to create awareness of their website/company.


The most common luxury small sedan, along with the 3 series.


Might be fully loaded though :laughing:


The most common is the model I preferred over any other. My first MB was a CLK 430. I loved it the moment I saw it but had people asking why I did not buy a more expensive model. I could have, but again, I preferred the 430 above the others.

I am okay with the offers not meeting my expectations. Saw this thread and thought I would give it a shot based upon the desirable deals others gained with a variety of makes and models. The Vehicle Turn-ln Fee has been set aside and ready since I took possession of the vehicle, but keeping it would have been a plus. I was merely sharing my experience.


Not sure what the laughing face was for - the model is a joke?


It’s a running joke. Because someone tried to pass off their $47k C300 as fully loaded.


Oh, I see.

(It was a serious question by the way)


3 months later sold another one to carvana, this time my beat up 2013 Ram 1500. Vroom offered $13k, carmax $14k, Carvana $17.5k.

Could have probably sold it on CL for $18-19k given the condition (tailgate dented and rusted, rust bubbles forming on the front fender, dent on the box, paint peeling off the steel bumper… redic for a 5 year old FCA car), but then would have been dealing with CL people and wanted it gone before the end of the year so I wouldn’t have to pay property taxes on it on January 1st.

Same story as before, literally less than 15 minutes total transaction time and it’s now gone.


Sold my leased 2018 Buick Encore preferred front drive to Carvana for about $1,200 less than lease payoff. I still had 14 out of 24 payments of $105 plus the $495 turn in fee. I was right at 30k miles and had to turn in before 1/1/19 to avoid VA personal property tax. Saved me about $600 as opposed to the remaining lease turn in fee and payments. Carvana was $800 higher than Carmax and my dealer did not even really want it since it was a 2018 with almost 30,000 miles. They were not going to be near Carmax number.

Carvana was super easy to deal with and I highly recommend them!

Also, GM lease payoff can be easily obtained over the phone automation, but some hoops must be jumped though to get an official pay off statement in writing. I guess they are not set up to provide it easily via statement. It took them 48 hours to do it!


In early December, I sold my wife’s ‘09 LR2 to carvana. They were the highest offer, and the process was super easy. Loan was paid off within a matter of days. Sure, I could have gotten more private party if I really wanted to, but I did not want to deal with it, especially since it had a number of needs and was not very reliable.

In the process of selling my Stelvio now. This time, Vroom was higher by quite a bit. Pretty much right at payoff. But, so far, the process has not been nearly as easy with them. Still don’t know where I stand, where the paperwork is, nor when they might be picking it up. They apparently want hardcopy paperwork to be fed-exd back and forth, whereas that was not the case with carvana.


I understand it depends on the particular model, but I wonder if it is also heavily dependent on the area - at the lease end my 2015 Civic with ~35k miles had a payoff of ~$13k, Carvana offered $11000, vroom offered even less, didn’t bother with anyone else (Pennsylvania). I just turned the car in to the dealership. A few months later it showed up at one of the local used car dealers for $15700 and got sold within a week, so I’d say Carvana really tried to lowball hard…


They’re in the business to make money. They weren’t going to give you 15k if that’s what you’re alluding to.


keep in mind, Carvana is an automated system, which is why it gives instant quotes. Nobody is “lowballing.”