Sold one to CARVANA!



If I check my 2016 bmw 340 m sport. Trading it in with my lease it would end up costing me 12k lol. pass.


Same with my 330i wagon. Therefore if anyone ever finances a new BMW they are in for a surprise lol


Dang, I got a similar offer just like yours from Carvana, 2015 EX-L 2D V6 coupe @ 75k miles, $13563… $200 difference from yours lol


They must be sitting on a LOT of investor cash at the moment with nothing to do with it. Did anyone see the new commercial with Wreck It Ralph in it? I’m sure that promotional deal was not cheap!


I have Carvana coming today to pick up my leased car. How long did they take?


Just checked carvana on my leased 2016 jaguar xj. Current payoff is $48000 without tax, carvana offered $26,921, LOL


2013 VW Jetta 2.5 SE w/ 85k miles

carvana: $3500
Vroom: $4000

sold it to private party for $6000.


Only took like 20 minutes.


I’m really spooked out now by Carvana. I just ran my vehicle thru their Appraiser and it kicked back a quote of $16K flat and I played with the miles and dropped it to 24K.

They’re buying my car for $16,400 tomorrow Appraisal: $16,400.00…And thats with the current mileage of 24700. Does anybody find that weird?


I don’t get it. What part is weird?


It has a threshold for mileage and value, you figured out what it is, your prize is in the mail


Everything went smooth with Carvana. They didn’t even drive the car.


Did you price it at Carmax too? I’ve managed to unload a couple leases at carmax for more than payoff.


So has anybody dropped the car out of state at carvana? As apparently they dont have any location in Utah!


2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium with all options in perfect conditions, 48k miles, four new high end tires were instlled five months ago. Carvana offered 9000, vroom offered 9900, local Ford dealer (8 minutes drive) offered 11300 without purchasing from them.


So what’s the process if I have negative equity on my lease. My pay off is 10k and carvana offer 8300 so i rather go with that instead of paying 3k in miles and fees to nissan. Since I don’t have a title what can I do, can I give them a check for the difference and cut my losses. And they get the title from nissan


Yes, that’s how it works. Does your Nissan have damage? If not, isn’t it cheaper to just return it and pay the mileage overage and disposition fee?


@Jon wel we are $2100 in miles, 350 return fee, and 400 for tires and 80 for hubcaps.
so almost 3k. i think carvana we be in hole only like 2k. I have it listed for sale also but no buyers yet.


Oh, I thought you meant 3000 miles, so around $450-$750 in overage fees.


I have a leased 17 Daytona 392 Dodge Charger with ally bank but I can’t seem to find my payoff…Carvana is offering 34k