Sold one to CARVANA!



So, it’s impossible to program an automated system to give lowball offers on vehicles it may not need at the moment? I’m not sure about that.


If there is an over abundance of them, then the value is lower. That is not, by definition, a “lowball offer.” It is a market-correct offer. “Lowball” is offering less for something you know to be worth more. It ain’t worth more if you can’t sell it.


I disagree. If they (Vrrom, Carvana, Carmax, etc.) all had the same prices then you’d be right about them being reflective of the market. But really their offers just reflect what each one has in inventory, which is why you might get thousands more for a vehicle from one of them.

I think it is accurate to say that they lowball when they don’t need more of a certain vehicle. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that either… that’s probably how I would program it.


My valuation had a “Local Market Adjustment” of over $1,000, almost 10% more than the original valuation of $13,xxx


Trying to sell my VW eGolf to Carvana which put me at a positive equity of $1500. Carvana gets their own dealer payoff quote and now I would be in the negative at $1000.

Looks like I have to buy it out and then sell it to them. Hopefully in the time frame that this happens, my appraisal will still be high enough to net over $1k.

I will update everyone on time frames to help those out when trying to make some extra money and having to deal with VW/Audi.

FYI: I am in California.



I am in the same situation with my Ford lease. Carvana is offering $2,000 over my buyout. But, they will not buy it because they would have to deal with Ford. I would need to buy it and turn it around within 10 days of getting title to sell it. I am not sure if the dealer will work with me. Also in CA.




How is this possible? Why is the dealer quote higher?
Where did you get your payoff quote from initially?


Vroom claims to be picking up my Alfa on thurs. That will be a total of about 15 days start to finish with them. Carvana was definitely quicker and had better communication.


OMG, I am in the same situation. The Carvana offer for my Ford is $3000 over payoff. I submitted all the documents today and just got an email from them that they can’t proceed. My Vroom offer is $1000 over payoff. doesn’t do Fords. Will check with Carmax.

If you buy out the lease yourself, wouldn’t you have to pay sales tax?


VW Credit provides a different payoff amount to third parties.



I am told that you do not have to pay Sales Tax if you resell within 10 days of getting the title. The new owner has to pay the Sales Tax when they register. In this case it will be up to the person who buys from Carvana as I would have transferred it to Carvana. As I type the local Carmax is trying to contact the lease originating Ford dealer to get the buyout, but they don’t seem to be getting a call back.




That sucks, they are not playing fair. Guess one should take the bank into consideration too when they lease if they have any plans like these.
The dealer payoff should be less than the personal payoff because they do not pay sales tax on the residual value.


@cpbtc I don’t understand these sentences.

  1. What do you mean by taking the bank into consideration when they lease? I thought you had to go through the OEM as the leasor. Banks can only do loans when you buy a car. Maybe I am wrong on this.

  2. VW credit can choose any payoff they want to any third party. The payoff amount I see was in the contract between VW and myself. They can have a third party pay $1,000,000 if they want. So, tax has nothing to do with the payoff amount. It is just an amount that the creditor decides upon.

I am wondering through about your second sentence regarding the dealer not paying sales tax. Is this true? Here is a document regarding this, but not sure I can find the answer.

  1. I consider the financial company that leases the car to you an actual bank.

If I lease a car that I am not too fond of, but it’s a good deal, and I am considering right of the bat the possibility of selling to Carvana, I would like to know that that bank will not jack up the payoff quote.
For example, I am learning now that VW financial institution does that, so I will stay away from VW cars if this is the case.

  1. In NY, the payoff quote if I buy the car will be comprised of remaining payments+RV+tax on the RV
    In my lease contract there is no payoff amount, only the RV. Which does not include tax.
    If you sell to the dealer, there is no added sales tax on the RV in that transaction.
    The banks have 2 types of payoffs, to you or to the dealer.
    So VW financial institution may ask the dealer for more money, but that just make them jerks in my opinion.

Another difference (with Honda I understand) is that they may charge the dealer for the disposition fee, whereas they would not charge you.
Anyone else that sold here wants to chime in about the difference between the dealer payoff and customer payoff?


Appraised a V90 T5 R loaner with 16% off + incentives and loyalty. Vroom gave $400 more than the sales price (not counting tax and dealer fee) while KBB showed $5,800 more for this car. Carvana got stumped, probably because the car is not sold :slight_smile:
In any case, not bad to buy it when even Vroom matched the price on a Volvo.


Vroom picked up my Stelvio yesterday finally. Got an email a few hours later that they fed-ex’d a check to Ally.


Did u have + Equity?


No. Was $300 short. I preferred paying $300 rather than jumping through hoops to transfer it to someone.


Saved dispo fee too


Ally doesn’t have a dispo fee